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A flying scroll going across the land – Edward Umling


A flying scroll going across the land

February 9, 2021
Edward Umling


The LORD would say speak this Wisdom
• Touch not my anointed
• Do not take on the offences of others
• Forgive
• Let no root of bitterness rise up within you

Judgement starts calamity coming: Behold the beginning of the end. Have I not spoken says the LORD. Shall I not justify My Name. Who can declare the end from the beginning.

• A flying scroll going across the land
• Smelting
• Famished; intensely hungry
• Behold I change the color of these things; Color changes (lightening strikes)
• Wintery weather changes; dangerous
• Is the sun not shining; very very soon

The Lord says “ring of fire”
• Temperature rising
• Fires
• Rescue work to begin soon
• Northwest

A Poem

For some hear the sound of a trumpet while others hear the sound of a song. Some say yeh others say nay. Who will be the one who erases your name? As the temperature changes and the season moves forward where does it go and who can bring it back? They delight to know My ways but never sit at My feet. How can they learn guided by the blind. Behold My Name; Sing Aloud; Shout for Joy; I bring about.

Words of Knowledge

• Chosen
• Elect
• Upward
• White Robes
• Dancing and Rejoicing
• The Treasured King Eternal
• Lambs Book of Life being opened
• Behold My Fathers House


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