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A Flood Dream But Nobody Cares/What’s Your Problem?

March 16, 2019

By Only A Grain Of Sand

Note: I have seen other dreams posted like this one so didn’t forward it as it is similar to the others but was told now is the time; it is a confirmation of them.

In broad daylight I am walking along a body of water on the shore line. The water was quiet, no waves. I have just been shopping and bought two new T-shirts in a plastic bag. The scene is empty of other folks. I notice the water is rising, but heh, who cares… I decide to get a drink and there is a cafe nearby, so I put the bag down on the ground, and go into the cafe. I notice that this place caters to gays, but order a drink anyway and then look out a big picture window. The water is still quiet but has inundated the land around the cafe quickly. The others in the cafe can see the water as the window is wall-size. They don’t blink, the conversations/fun continue… I remember the bag and run outside to get the T-shirts. I find the bag and pull out the garments they are covered in dirt and sopping-wet. My only reaction to the continuing inundation of the waters, as they rise is: maybe the cafe owner has a clean bag he can give me, so I re-enter the cafe and ask him for one. The scene fades.

Interpretation: It’s OK we don’t have to worry, continue enjoying. It’s only nature doing its thing. I will continue shopping and pursuing my pleasures as the ship goes down. Whats your hurry, what’s your problem? And sin, well its not my problem, I can go alone to get along. The fact that I just dropped the bag on the ground, before I went into the cafe means I really didn’t need these T-shirts. It was just another shopping diversion trip, in a materialist/escapist world. Notice “I” was the main ticket through the whole vision, me me me me me me!

“Until destruction came and washed them all away.”

Only A Grain Of Sand.

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