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A FINAL CALL – Judy Reynolds


Feb 14, 2020 10:29 PM
Judy Reynolds

Word given on 2/11/20 at 11:50 PM after prayer
Judy Reynolds

“Today, Yes Today, For there is no tomorrow, for I hold it in My hand. TODAY: Make up your heart, Yes, your Heart, not the mind. Tell ME, from your actions what your heart has decided. To serve ME, or to go the way of abandon. For it is NOT I who left you, or have I not made THE way for a people to serve ME! Yes! I have made the Way, and by your actions shall I know what you have decided to do with MY SON! It is NOT a decision you are rejecting oh foolish people who do not know ME! It is I, your Creator and Savior of the world you are rejecting. “Pour me out some blessings Lord”, your arrogant heart speaks while you ignore to praise me for all you’ve had or would have. MY SON POURED OUT HIS OWN BLOOD! FOR YOU! AND IT WAS ENOUGH TO SAVE THE ENTIRE WORLD AND YOU!

Yet you have not been brought near, by the blood, as My Word speaks. You dare not continue to speak My Name and act so casual, disrespectful, and NO TRUE WORSHIP do you give Me.

Soon, I WARN you, your heart shall make it’s choice, for ALL have and will be given a choice to Love and Worship their Savior JESUS CHRIST! OR- You will perish spiritually, and likely physically.

When ALL of My WORD comes to pass you will not have time to “Mull it through” your thoughts, doctrines, theories, or debate it with your counselors you cling to instead of Honoring ME! The One who came to your earth to save YOU! MY HEART BREAKS AS your “blessed” life continues in doctrines of demons, man’s ways from your previos generations and the stubborn pride of your flesh and filthy heart. “I AM” is now ready, I’ve decided, and need not continue to hold back My Righteous Judgement upon the Churches. Read REVELATION!

As MY HAND does all things now and hopes for all of “the world” to wake up and decide who they, and you will serve. I AM a Loving Father, a Wise Counselor; a friend to the broken-hearted. I AM GOD and there is no other.

Soon, the shaking begins and ALL will know these are the “Judgements of the Living GOD.”, not the wrath of man for I created evil too; and I AM IN CONTROL. Therefore, ALL WILL CHOOSE and BOW, this has only two choices, you will choose ME and Live, JESUS CHRIST and trust; and I will take you in My arms at the appointed time even if you must be treated harshly or martyrd for My Names sake, and you shall live with Me in My KINGDOM forever and ever-ALL Glorious, Joyous, LIFE Indeed. OR You shall be deceived by the wicked one, taken captive to satan and bow to him, unto the antichrist, and go; be swept away by the Delusion and the Beast system, false prophet.

All wickness then, unable to choose out the wicked you want, but the leave the Terror- No, you shall taste the terror at last, you shall end in Hell Fire with satan, your god you chose.

This is a heart wrenching time, a choice must be made. “The book”, My book of Life can still have your name written in it, only after TRUE repentance and salvation are complete. I know the hearts of all, and NO MAN can bribe the Almight GOD!

I beg of you to reconsider your thoughts, ways, and heart toward Me the I AM. Tears have been and will be shed, by ME your Creator if you choose satan as your god. Tears of joy, warmest and most tender embrace will come if you embrace Me in your heart after you’ve repented and I will fill you with My Holy Spirit until I see you face to face in Eternity, Heaven, the Kingdom of GOD; in LIGHT, LOVE, JOY, PEACE-all of us together!

Choose Me and LIVE, choose otherwise and die. No flesh can glory in My presence and no sin shall enter into My Kingdom. I have spoken, and will not relent, should you try to come at the last second; you won’t be able to for by then the Delusion will have taken hold of you and you will choose satan. REPENT! There is NO MORE TIME TO PREPARE! IT COMES SUDDENLY!

READ MY HOLY WORD! To My Chosen who have chosen Me, after I have chosen you, Fear not, though all you have known of this life is now over, Fear NOT, I am creating a NEW Heaven and earth very soon! I will walk with you in white, you shall walk as you decide to be worthy of My Kingdom by JESUS CHRIST’s Blood Atonement and a TRUE repentant heart, fellowship with ME, suffering or joy, all your days here yet until we are together at LAST!


Your Messiah and Redeemer,
The I AM

Scriptures give for this word are:

Hebrews Chapter 10-all verses. Mark4:12, Psalm 17-all, Psalm 32-all, IJohn 2:9

Feel free to share any and all of the words I have been given.

We are in His Hands,
Judy Reynolds

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