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A False Pre-Rapture Deception – Pastor Jose David

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A False Pre-Rapture Deception

October 29, 2021 11:37 AM
Pastor Jose David
El Salvador

Message given to Pastor Jose David on 10/27/21

I saw standing on high hill, it was night time. I was with my wife and daughter, there was another person near to us, we could see up in the sky that clouds were beginning to form images like sheep, then I saw a giant goat, and then I saw angels going up to heaven. I saw that there were many lights, like meteriotes that fell on the earth, I suddenly saw a man dressed in white and said that there were going to deceive many people in the world by the signs they would make in the clouds using technology, many will be deceived, only my chosen ones that are watching at all times will not fall into the deception, they will not believe the lies, because the spirit of the antichrist is already on the earth, the man of perdition is already here, the only things that is missing is his death and then be resurrected and that way they will deceive many. there will create a false pre-rapture, but do not be deceived, I will give you signs, I will send you signs before my return of the Son of man, then that man said in a loud voice, pray for your loved ones and tell them that soon the One who was, Who is, and was to come will surely come soon, I saw my wife weeping much. He said to me, you have to be alert because I will continue to show you the things to come to this world so you will speak them out and alert, and so that my people will get more ready and be ready. When I woke up, I could still feel the presence of GOD, and the presence of angels around my room, I quickly rose up to pray for mercy for my family and for the world, it was about 3 a.m. I send this alert out to glorify GOD. The LORD JESUS bless you all!


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