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May 2, 2020 6:54 PM
Judith Reynolds

After Being still, prostrate before The LORD as HE asked me to, this is what HE spoke.
Word given between 3 and 4 PM on 4/30/2020

“ELOHIM speaks to you now My daughter, My beloved, My friend; Obedience fulfilled the law
and obedience to My Son brings forth the Kingdom of GOD! My Son fulfilled the law; and now My Son by the Holy Spirit in all of My children, My seed shall bring forth the Kingdom of GOD. The time is upon you now to Uproot, to destroy, as well as to build and to plant; your ways are not My ways yet My ways shall come forth now in your spirits as you have and are crucifying the flesh.

Flesh and blood CANNOT inherit the Kingdom of GOD-only the Spirit of the LORD can conquer the flesh in you, apart from Me you can do NO thing! It is FULL surrender to allow Me to destroy your flesh and to build up thy spirit; and for you to surrender to the ways of the Holy Spirit within you. Fear not thy weakness; this is temporary now, you shall be strengthened by My Spirit.

Many are the afflictions of My people, and only those souls know the suffering of the Savior of the world. Now, and soon, ACUTE suffering shall the world partake of and some of the sufferings of My People shall cease; some sufferings will not, only I know what is to be partaken of with the Savior and what can be fought against in the Spirit. Be not afraid My lambs, be not afraid of the silence or of the noise for My Spirit shall open thy ears to hear me clearer even yet. You who sow WILL reap Righteousness.

You will see MY WORD come to pass. Shortly, there will be no avenue of escape except by My Holy SPIRIT alone. My hand shall guide you, lead you and what seems as a daydream now (All the things of GOD perceived in your spirit.)shall soon become reality for you finally. This has been “walking by faith”. Many of you My children have gone through trauma, this daughter who writes has seen much trauma in her lifetime. Do not be ashamed any longer. I have freed thee to do MY WILL and to stand against the ways of man, though loving the souls of those I ask you to pray for. You are free from the fear of man now; claim this and you shall only obey ME, your Father and not man.

The warnings have gone out now, little time remains for more of them. I AM the Beginning and the End. I AM the First and the Last. I AM ALMIGHTY GOD and there is none else beside ME. I tell you-Hold Fast. I tell you-Be strong and of good courage and I wILL strengthen your hearts. I tell you to Love and not hate or curse. I tell you to set your legs ready to run this final stretch-to RUN as to WIN; and to reach for the Prize! Reach for ME My children for I shall swoop you in My everlasting arms and lead you every step of the Way.

I speak not of escape as a whole, but escape by My Holy Spirit as needed for safety, food, shelter, annointings, strength, rest and companionship; and redeeming Love to overflow you as your entire being shall need this again. Doubt not how I deal with you or each one of you for I AM your Father, let ME lead you now completely. Your Home is waiting for you My children and for now; as always where I AM with you IS Home. All of My Blessings to those who walk uprightly. Peace and Love unto you My Sons and Daughters,


Scriptures given for this word are:

Psalm 44, Psalm 11
Jeremiah Ch 1 and 2.
Isaiah 22:22
Job 38:7, 39:27,28

This short poem like Declaration was given to me shortly after the word was, I have been saying it often.


” I will rest in The LORD.
Forever shall I dwell in His Presence.
Forever shall I receive of His comfort.
Forever shall my feet be planted in His Kingdom, the Kingdom of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY


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