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A Descent Into Madness / Table Talk – The Pen

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Two Part Message

Part I: A Descent Into Madness
Part II: Table Talk

January 26, 2021 8:50 AM
The Pen

January 25, 2021

Part I: A Descent Into Madness

When a child asks it’s parent for a fish to eat; do they hand it a live snake? Never!
The natural loving ties between families, will shortly disappear! Those that are not right with their Creator God, will experience the dissolving of all natural feelings, for their parents, children, friends and neighbors; Very Soon! Those that take the vaccine, are not only doomed to Eternal Perdition, they will descend lower than wild animals, losing all familial respect and feeling for their loved ones. Period!

They will also surly take Step #2, the Mark of The Beast, and Step #3 the Bracelet (forearm/shake/computer screen turned-on). Think well on this My Children… Your telephone and TVs will be internal, your humanity lost and you’ll be in a machine-robotic zombie state, until I AM casts you into the Lake of Fire.

Many of you who are reading this message, now will disavow these words. You are just the ones who will fall for the Great Delusion, that is already being rolled-out, for you world-wide, before your very eyes, today! Now!

Part II Table Talk

My Patience Is At An End!
I AM will shake, dismantle and destroy the Table your country adores and worships at. An altar dedicated to to satan! Covered in the Blood of the Innocents (Abortion), victims of war, murder and satanic rites.
On top of the table was Mr. T.
Under the table, now, on top Mr. B.
Sitting at the Table all along Mr. O.
Same Table, Same Game, Same Cabal!
I AM will upend and overturn the Table in your Temple, in My Time, not yours!
You think this Table is solid and secure. It is so much kindling and will soon burn, disintegrate under My Breathe, when My Holy Will destroys all their lies and evil!



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