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Nov 20, 2019, 11:25 PM
A “religious Christian young woman” had this dream two weeks ago. Her dream of a dead cow reminded me of the dreams Pharaoh had in Genesis 41. Then I realized there is so much more to this dream. God basically summarized most of Matthew 24 and Revelation 6 in just one dream.


RECEIVED: 2 weeks ago (not sure of the exact date)

Help explain my disturbing nightmare!!! Please!?

It was just a random one with 2 friends and I walking along this farm like area, it was a pretty large field, It’s daytime too. But I wandered the other direction towards this small trench that was taller then me. it had a barely flowing stream, the walls were dirt, along this was a path (like a hiking trail) I went up the path, which lead to a small hallway-like house with many holes and windows with no glass, like it was made out of rusty tin. Then I saw a dead cow by the stream, it was so terrible and it had been there for days. It was cut open. Which is so sickening because I hate to see animals even limping. I noticed a man he was dragging this live goat by a rope, down by the stream just a few feet ahead of the cow. Keep in mind that I’m religious (Christian), so I’m already freaked out because the only thing I can associate with a goat in such a dream is the devil. but it gets more disturbing. At this point I’m hiding but he practically can see me, he slowly took the rope to a nearby tree in the trench and he hung the goat with the rope….

It was horrific, It felt so real and I was on the verge of tears. then he saw me. I was so scared but I couldn’t go anywhere, I was cornered. all he did was say hi. Nothing else. Just. Hi. but I slowly got up and walked out the door staring at him. That’s all I remember, before I woke up for school.

Please help. What does it mean & how do I get rid of these type of dreams


Note: I am sharing what I am seeing, but I am sure I could be missing something as well.

Farm & large field: a place / country of abundance. (USA?)

House with many holes and windows with no glass: war and poverty. (2ND SEAL and 3rd SEAL)

Rust: sin (corrosion), decay, falling apart, disintegrating.

Dead cow: famine – no food (in comparison to the cows in Pharaoh’s dreams, fat cow (abundance) and skinny cow (famine) in this dream the cow is actually dead (no food at all!). (4TH SEAL)

Dead cow by the water stream: polluted water – pestilence. (4TH SEAL)

Goat: The people Jesus Christ will separate from the sheep – those who take the mark of the beast,  sinners, mockers, those who rejected Jesus.

Man dragging the goat by a rope: Antichrist controlling people and leading them where he wants them to go. Maybe a reference of the control he will have over them through the mark of the beast. (1ST SEAL)

The dreamer (religious Christian) is hiding: Persecuted Christians hiding from the Antichrist.

The man with the goat can see the dreamer (religious Christian) hiding:  The antichrist will use technology. He knows where they are.

Man killing the goat by hanging the goat on a tree:  Antichrist bringing death to his followers (not the martyrs).

Goat hanging on a tree: People are cursed eternally – separated from God (Galatians 3:13 – Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree).

Dreamer: After hanging the goat on a tree “he saw me”!: the antichrist already brought death to those who had taken the mark of the beast, now he is focusing on those who are still refusing it: the Christians that are hiding.

The man greeting the dreamer and saying “Hi”: The antichrist pretending to be the nice guy, a friend, someone that brings peace. An attempt to deceive them like he did all the other people. But the Christians in hiding are not fooled anymore.

Dreamer felt cornered and scared: A taste of the fear of the persecuted Christians who realize there is no escape. (5th SEAL)

The good news? The dreamer walked away without the man killing her in the dream. Is this perhaps a message from the Lord that He will protect her from the antichrist and she will be able to escape? (6th SEAL?)

Father God. I pray for your mercy with all the lost souls and the sleeping / religious church!

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