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A Chasm Has Begun

March 12, 2021 7:32 AM

On the evening of March 11 , 2021, I received a word while in prayer:

Keep watching the evil ones as they are being exposed more and more. You have heard it said that there is no honor amongst thieves. Indeed this is true. The tares will tear each other apart. For, I the Lord, who brings all things to light and who brings the hidden things out of the darkness, am shining My light in the earth now. A separation has occurred that will grow. A chasm has begun. The wheat and the tares are showing their true colors. Even those with untrained eyes can see those who are Mine and those of the adversary, Satan.

Works are being manifest presently. The evil ones seek to hide behind their masks and they seek to mar the image and glory of My children by forcing their masks on them. The evil ones know the time is growing short. They know their judgement is rightly coming. Soon they will be moved to lay hands on My children but I will protect those under My Wings.

Not only will they seek to harm those who are Mine but they will turn on each other. The spirit of fear and confusion will tear the tares apart. They are turning on each other now! Satan devours and eats his own young. Do you not see it? All on the news media. Governors. People in high places. They are being brought down by their own. They have the look of fear on their faces. Misery, hatred and gross ugliness is on their countenance. This is My doing, says the Lord of Hosts. I will cause fear, panic, confusion and derision within the camp of the enemy. As I have done before, I will do so now, for nothing is new under the sun.




\ ˈka-zəm  \

Definition of chasm

1: a deep cleft in the surface of a planet (such as the earth) : GORGE built a bridge over the chasm

2: a marked division, separation, or difference the chasm between the rich and the poor

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