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A Cataclysm of Change is Coming!

March 9, 2021 5:28 PM
‘cataclysm’ – a large-scale and violent event in the natural world

‘Nephilim’ – related to the verb series “to fall” (naphal) in Hebrew, fallen angels or their offspring

Since I received this word on 2.12.21 the world has undergone much change. But as I read over this and other messages given by the Holy Spirit there is a recurring theme – God’s hand of justice will move across this nation and the Lion of Judah will prevail.

Daughter the focus should be on Me. Too many are distracted by the politics, being entertained, social media platforms, frivolous discussions – when in truth they should be seeking Me out. I AM THAT I AM. The Nephilim are rising, many of them in your Congress – men and women who claim to be what they are not – liars and deceivers who are running your country amuck. I have said that satan is the god of this world. In truth he controls many of the institutions and world systems – your media, your enterprises, your schools, your entertainment industry, even your churches especially. He has infiltrated almost every branch of power and is filled with lust for more power – anything to usurp Me and My standing in the world. Many know My name but many do not know Me intimately. Many call Me friend but I am more than that – I am your Savior Lord and King. I deserve the adulation you give to satan the god of this world whose time is short and who knows this.

Soon things will ramp up, move swiftly now as the evil one moves to systematically take down your freedoms and liberties as I have said. Be forewarned. Before I return this world will undergo an upheaval, a cataclysm of change. There will be wars and rumors of wars. There will be division between those of differing ideologies – you see this now. I have said I bring division not peace – for many will rise up in that day and will have to choose this world or Me. I am the only true choice. I AM EVERLASTING LIFE. I will lead men to all truth. The deceiver has deceived many but for a season.

A cataclysm of change is coming to rock your world. Your president, your true president will return – but not before the shaking will occur in your political arena. Kamala will rise up as she is the one they the Nephilim want to rule and reign over this land. But I have heard the cries of My people. Tell them to turn to Me with all their hearts, to repent of their evil and wicked ways and to come follow Me. I offer so much more if only they understood that – true freedom from sin and ignorance – for darkness is rising. But My children will be a light in an unbelieving godforsaken world. I AM THAT I AM. Soon you will see My hand of justice sweep across this nation and destroy what was wrongfully taken. The election will be overturned, justice will reign – but My people whom I have called forth must rise up in prayer and petition and must speak out. They must not be fearful but speak My name and speak in truth. So many stand silent before the world and will one day stand before Me to give an account of their actions or lack thereof. The world does not know Me but soon My name will be on the lips of many – either cursing or blessing – for I have come to divide and make men choose. Choose Me and choose life everlasting!

I am the only way to the Father. Let them not tell you otherwise –deceivers, liars and mockers who will all be cast into the eternal fire for believing a lie. Be not deceived. Heed My Word – the Bible. Enter into the secret place of the Amighty where we can commune together. I desire mercy not sacrifice. Love and pray for your enemies – for many are on the path to destruction and many lives will be cut short in the days to come. Seek Me now while I may be found. I will be with you children. Stand and remain standing until the end. Many will cave in in that final hour of persecution but look to Me. I will be your rock, your sure foundation. Look to Me to supply all your wants and needs. I desire that all come to Me and be saved.

Your Lord your Savior and King

Yeshua the Christ

The Son of the Living God

I will return soon from whence I came to enact justice upon your land

The Lion of Judah returns

Let My people go

I have spoken be it so



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