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A “Carrington Event” Comes – Anno.Domini.144K

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A “Carrington Event” Comes

June 10, 2021 5:24 PM

January 12, 2019

Just before rising in the morning, by means of interior locution, I heard the rhema words, “CARRINGTON EVENT.” The Spirit of the Lord made it known to me that such a solar storm was to come and that this geomagnetic event would involve a coronal mass ejection (CME) with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

To the peoples of North America, Central America and South America:

Prepare for a time without electricity, for LIFE OFF THE GRID. Leave the large cities and settle on arable land with enough acreage for a small homestead or hobby farm. Stock candles and gas and oil lamps. Pull out of storage and antique shops the household tools used before the age of electric appliances. Rediscover and learn the crafts practiced over a century ago, invaluable skills used today by such groups as the Amish farmers, the old timers of Appalachia, and indigenous tribes. Create grounded FARADAY CAGES for electronics to be protected and saved for use later when electricity returns in small pockets in a more limited way.

When the colorful lights in the sky dance overhead, and the lights in your houses and the across the horizon go out, remember in your hearts who is the TRUE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. Our LORD JESUS CHRIST will fortify you. He will SUPERNATURALLY FUEL AND EMPOWER you for the times ahead. Lo, He comes soon!



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