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A CALL TO PRAYER, for our nation

August 25, 2022 2:16 PM
Walk About Watchman

My Dear brothers & sisters in Christ;

A Dream: August 14, I was in Pensacola, Fl when I dreamed being out on the Gulf; only I was standing on the water. Looking around I saw nothing but water, but as I looked straight down, I saw Pensacola submerged. And looking more intently, it appeared all Florida was under water. And I awoke!

For the last few months, I have been going through difficult times. The Lord is shaking up my world, for He saw that I had become complacent. That is something you really want to avoid, if you truly want to serve the Lord. I was renting a room in Virginia, and became satisfied with my situation. So God called me to get rid of everything and step out once again to serve Him as in 2015. So I reduced my possessions to survival mode and left my comfy room to live on the streets for as long as He wanted me too. I felt I had to return to Florida, and everyone was trying to give me bus tickets but I refused them as He had not yet authorized it. But finally the release came and a young pastor got me tickets to Florida, so off I went. I am cautious not to get too comfortable or God will move me out. Again…

I knew He wanted me to pray for Florida, especially Pensacola. I thought I was there because I had to finish my first prayer walk. But I had heard “Mike from around the World!”
A regular guest speaker on Paul Begleys Prophesy on YouTube. He said something about water levels will rise around the world. At first up to 15 ft but subsequently they (scientists) raised it to 28 – 29 feet.

Mike is apparently a scientist/government employee, who is privy to scientific information of a top secret nature. This is supposed to happen NEXT YEAR! It was at this time I had the above dream.

God impressed on me that I should seek out His People Called by His Name and have them pray and fast for Florida. God loves Florida, and sees their patriotism and love for God and country. But Florida is threatened by this calamity as well as the rest of the world.

I prayed to our God, on this matter, rationalizing the Power of the God we serve.
“Surely you can stop this….. Right?”

But, I feel that our God does not believe that we have faith in our God to do that….
I must agree. I preach it all the time, that there is nothing impossible for Him. Why is it that
we doubt? In fact I speak to ministers of the word, of full gospel churches and am so disillusioned in the the responses I get.

The Bible is filled with examples of His provision. Just look at His Name. He is YHVH Yeshua which means “Yahveh Saves”.
People don’t seem to realize that God is a
Wholestic God. Yes, He is your Healer, but also your Provider, your Shepherd, your Peace, Comforter, Banner, and our Righteousness, and Salvation! He is the God that sees!

Can God save us from a flood? Isaiah 43:1-3 Seems to indicate He can; When you pass through the waters, I will be with you! And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you.

How about fire? The next verse says, “When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, not shall the flame scorch you.” He would not have said it if He did not mean it. Right? And it certainly worked for the three Hebrew boys, friends of Daniel.

The word says, According to your faith, be it to you! Every one has measure of faith. But faith is a spiritual muscle, and muscles need to be exercised. Built up.

I believe that God sees through time. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. Why, if God can’t see the future, there would be no Prophetic words. But anyone with two eyes and a brain, who has read the Bible, knows that the prophetic words have and are being fulfilled.

Yeshua, the Son of the living God, was prophesied to come, do miracles, heal the sick, cast out demons, be crucified and buried and raised up on the 3rd day. And since all the other prophecies pertaining to Him have been fulfilled, we are waiting ‘in full confidence’ that He will return for us. That is called faith.

Other wise it is all in vain. I believe in His Word. I will stand on His Word in full Expectation of Gods Righteousness, Truth and the Blood Covenant. Are we not written in the Lambs Book of Life?

Well then we must believe that God is capable of doing all He said He could do.
I believe though, we are expected to turn to Him and have a relationship with Him and pray for mercy.for our country. To stand the Gap for the bad decisions made by governments and people that rule over us. We can reverse the curse, through seeking God and pleading on behalf of His people who are called by His name! He will hear from heaven!

We the Church need to stand for God. Scientists are giving us a grim forecast indeed. But I believe there is NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE FOR OUR GOD. NOTHING!

Miracles can happen, have happened, and will happen again. In fact they are happening all around you! But we need Faith. You must be able to believe for everything. Yeshua said to His disciples that everything He did, they could do, and greater things will they do because I go to the Father. Jn 14:12

There will be a rise in the water levels, and depending on how far above sea level you are, will determine how safe you are. If it rises 28 or 29 feet, most of Florida will be under water.

That would mean the deaths of millions world wide. Still our God is a good God, a powerful God. A loving God. There is NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE for our God! He simply asks us to pray for deliverance. He asks us to stand the gap for the USA. I have been called for Florida, but I am sure someone has been called for other states too.

2Chron 7:14. “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, Then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins and heal their land.”

Why do you doubt God and His power?
God is not a man that He should lie.

As the second Adam, Yeshua won back dominion over the world. Gen 1:26. Yeshua said in Jn14:12 Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the WORKS THAT I DO HE WILL DO ALSO, AND GREATER WORKS THAN THESE HE WILL DO, BECAUSE I GO TO MY FATHER, and whatever you ask in My name, that I will do that the Father maybe glorified in the Son.

So what works did He do,? He healed the sick, cast out demons, raised the dead, HE ALSO, HID HIMSELF FROM THOSE WHO WANTED TO STONE HIM OR THROW HIM OFF A CLIFF. BUT HE ALSO WALKED ON WATER AND CALMED A STORM! And He says We can do this too!

Do you Think Yeshua could Stop a flood like this? Then so can we….. Pray, Decree, Declare…

These are called miracles which for the children of God should be completely natural!
We are to walk in the SPIRIT, not the FLESH!
Believing His word, causes us to walk in power. But the scriptures tell us to consume the word. Get it in us! It is spiritual food.

Read Gen 1:26, Lk 10:19, ,Jn 14:12,
, Mk 10:15-18,’ Mt 10:8.

Not only did He give us all the Great Commission, but He gave us His Authority, over principalities and His creation. Nothing shall by any means hurt you.

I am calling out you Spiritual Warriors, the ones called by His Name, to pray every day, for Florida, and for all our coastlines and islands. For if we believe, and ask for Him to SAVE us, He will not let us down, He will save Florida, He will save our country.

Do not stop! Do not get discouraged! Do not
Allow the enemy to prevail! For he will not
Prevail against the church.

Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world! Remember Him, draw close to Him, and you will prevail! The battle is not ours, it is the Lord’s. He NEVER FAILS!
B E L I E V E !
B E L I E V E !
B E L I E V E !

Blessings to all the saints, to all who call on His name, to all who are bought and paid for by the Blood of the Lamb. And especially those who PRAY!

We will prevail in Yeshua our LORD! Just Pray, please…… 2023 is almost here….

Marah Huestis

Disclaimer: As a Watchman, this warning has been issued in writing. Please Forward this to ministers, churches, brothers and sisters in the Lord. Or Post it. Thank you…

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