A Call To Order / Twelve O’Clock My Children – Only a Grain of Sand

Two Messages From God:

1. A Call To Order
2. Twelve O’Clock My Children

September 18, 2019
Only A Grain Of Sand


1. A Call To Order
Amos Chapter 3 Verse 7
“For the Lord doth nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets.”

How be it many of you, My Children, have read myriad messages, and watched many many videos, but interiorly you mock Me with doubts, as to when, it will all roll-out? I AM knows all your thoughts, before you even think them.

Fool yourselves not. Do Not Try My Patience! The event that initiates the Tribulation ball, that flys down the mountain-side, picking up speed as it goes, will close the door on any doubts, or questions. All the eyes of the world, will blink. You will collectively hold your breathe, as it will be plain to all the ball, has started, to plunge down its path, on a trajectory of war, famine, pestilence, chaos and death.

Many of you have treated My messages to the prophets, as some kind of diversion, a perverse entertainment. You have only been titillated. Your curiosity, assuaged by a daily dose, or in some cases, hourly feeding time. This My little ones is a grave mistake. You have neglected to pray for Discernment, Intercession, Petition, Thanksgiving and Reparation! The disasters world-wide are immediately forgotten as if, you simply turned the pages, of an agenda, book, or calendar.

I AM needs Prayer Warriors, that are part of the solution, not standing on the side-lines, pleased that it is not me or us, but them, who have been hit with disaster, after disaster. No continent, country, land, race, people, city, town, port, family, human being, will go unscathed. When it comes to your door, if you have not prayed for others; do you think I AM will allow My Angel to pass by your house, animals, land, vehicles, job, provision, investments, money, person, without disaster visiting you and yours?

Think Again! You Do Not Go To Heaven Alone! You Either Go With Your Brothers & Sisters, Or, You DO Not Go At All!

Many of you had better stop, and take stock, of these words, Now, before it is too late to do so. What you do affects, all the people of the world-wide. By your looks, words, actions, gestures, thoughts, and feelings, you either work towards Heaven or Hell. I AM will demand, that you acknowledge, any and all, sins of commission and omission, at The Warning Experience. You Can Count The Months It Comes On One Hand!

If you need to make changes, amends towards a righteous, and Godly responsibility towards your God, and fellow man. Do It Now! Pray to Me, or seek help. Change your negative lives around. There is no light found in darkness. All evil will be soon exposed, and destroyed, if not repented. Do not fool yourselves any longer, “there is still time”, “I will work on that later, I’m too busy right now.” Get your spiritual, and physical houses in order, Now! You may not be given tomorrow. Do not be like the Old Testament Israelites, who scoffed, mocked, and killed the prophets, only to realize too late, they had spoken the truth, as they were punished for their unrepentant, evil lives, both individually and collectively!

2. Twelve O’Clock My Children

I AM here and now, telling you, who read these words, that the clock has struck Twelve O’Clock! Woe, Woe, Woe, to the inhabitants of the earth, who sin, hate their Creator God, or their fellow man!

War will explode first in the Middle East. The proud, shall fall, with the weak ones. I AM will destroy, kingdoms, and change forever the landscape, given over to false gods, idols, the worship of oil money, and dictators, who have treated their own people, like animals, only fit for slaughter.

The wrath of the crescent-moon will explode world-wide. They have awaited this time for many centuries. The evil one will use them, but will cast them aside, and attempt to destroy them in turn. I AM will not allow this, as they are My Children, created in Love, not his formed in hate.

God The Father Almighty



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