A Call To Action: Be Still – Cheryl Adama

A Call to Action: Be Still
Cheryl Adama

My children, be still and know I am God. These are not mere words but are words filled with the profound-ness of God. Who really knows and understands how to be still? Being still is not inactivity. It is more of an activity – to actively and purposefully be still in the world around you that screams for attention and demands action. This is how many who are sincere, come to a futility in their lives, because they let the loudest speak into their lives and spirit. I compete with no one, for I demand that any who would hear me, would purpose to do so – this is what inclining your ear means when it is written. I will speak clearly to all who make themselves still and no matter what is going on around you, in your life, work family or what have you, you will know the truth that is needed for that situation. Being still, means to hold onto nothing, no one. It is the place where you let go, and unclench your grasp and rest. Rest in the Son who has all things that concern you in Him – really rest in this truth. Cling only to Him and leave all else. It is only in this place where you may obtain the freedom that His Life gives. Do not think that clinging to the world in all it encumbers – you will ever be still in Me. Many are falsely led as they on one hand hold what they so desperately need rest from, and on the other, to Me – and seek My peace. The peace I give is not of this world and has no part of it, but is only found in Me. I call all who are Mine into action…..I call them to BE STILL, AND KNOW I AM GOD. Make this part of your daily life, practice this often, and it will become easier and soon, it will be your natural position. You will begin to not react to the loudest and strongest, but will hear and know what I speak. You will realize that I tell you to give up things that you thought were good and I will tell you to keep things you thought were bad. I will lead you into the truth and the truth will always set you free. For the truth is My Son and you will walk in Him with purpose into freedom He gives.

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