A Bridge Too Far! – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

A Bridge Too Far!

“America you lie with your lips as you cry peace and safety, yet your hands prepare for war! You tell the nations that war is not your first option, yet your military might spreads across the world like the web of a spider! Denial-Denial-Denial, is the mantra of a false government who is bent on destruction!

Lady Liberty, you stand so poised and positioned like a lady of purity, yet you have laid bare naked with the nations! Fornicating for favor, performing tricks for deals and luxury! I see you, says your God and I will expose you as the harlot you are! You’ve been caught, but have no shame, you flaunt your nakedness and have no guilt, but surely you will feel the pain! America, I have begged you through My Prophets pleas and My Intercessors cries, but you still march towards war! Ignorant, arrogant, and careless of the multitudes that will die!

There is a bridge that is too far and too wide for you to cross!

There is a mountain too high and too wide to climb!

There is a river too deep and too wide to cross over. But you have no care and concern for the warnings that blare, because PRIDE has become your guide!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 15)


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