A Bridge To Nowhere! – Benjamin Faircloth

A Bridge To Nowhere!
Apr 8, 2018

Benjamin Faircloth

“America your building a bridge to Nowhere! Your foundation is corrupt and your pillars are frail, yet you move forward in arrogance!

I’ve warned you that a house divided cannot stand and confusion is the workshop of all evil! Your leaders are working overtime building a bridge to Nowhere! There is no moral compass to guide you and no truth to lead you. You advance towards a false dream, clinging to false hope!

But be it known this day, that I have made a way of escape for those who love truth and love My Presence. My Cross is the bridge of safety and the road to walk upon! I will never leave you and I will never forsake you, but you must abandon the foolish travel and course that leads to sudden destruction!

Soon this house of cards will fall by the wind of My Determination and no fool can stop this fall! The frailty of man will never stop My Determined will! Prepare says your God, for this house of cards to fall!

(Scripture reference for this message is Hosea 4)


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