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A Bitter End for many of Gods people!! – Kevin C.

A Bitter End for many of Gods people!!

Dec 19, 2019 8:49 AM
Kevin C.
Hebrews 12:14-15 
Pursue peace with all people,and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord:
15 looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble, and by this many become defiled;

I have seen now several times lately the exact same vision of a Woman, sitting on a dirty floor, naked and filthy. Her head is shaved, and she has her head down between her knees with her arms on her knees. A dark look of hopeless despair in her eyes as she tearfully stares at the ground. There are other people around her in the same dark and dirty room in the same condition. The Lord hid her nakedness from me but I could tell in my spirit she was totally naked and very dirty. To my surprise, I knew this lady!

On her face is a look of horror and Great Depression. Everything is lost! Everything is gone! And she knows In a short time she will die. No food. No water. No hope!!

The Lord said she is in a Holding Facility. Some will call it a FEMA Camp. And she will not come out of it before she dies.

The Lord explained that her life was full of bitterness and she would not forgive others and show Mercy. Mad at God. Mad at others. Up and down all the time. Happy one minute and extreme anger the next. The Lord said in these last moments of her life, she will be given a moment to Repent but all she can think about is everything is gone. Then the Door will close. Tormented in her mind every second.

The look she had on her face was Hopeless!! Naked, Wretched, Miserable! All she could think of is what was lost! Her children are gone, all that she had is gone! A Bitter End has come.

God said I did not do this! She sowed this seed of bitterness for years. Satan now has the right to what she sowed! To steal, Kill, and destroy! He is the one tormenting her mind. Not me. I am the only escape she has to peace.

The Lord said multitudes of His children think they can be bitter inwardly with others and get away with it. Everything hidden will be revealed in the open starting now. He said Mercy is the Highest virtue or fruit of Love we can attain. Mercy flows out of us when Love inside of us triggers compassion. Love has levels. You Love your children more than you love your car or food. We all love something more than something else.

But Mercy which enables us to Forgive and not be bitter, to let it go totally, comes from the highest and purest level of Gods Love!

So a person may have Love but not pure enough to completely Forgive.

“ Well I forgive you, but I will never forget what you did!” Or “ I forgive you but my love for you will never be the same”.. “I Forgive you, but there is a time for judgement too!”

The Lord said to me, What if I forgave my people this way? What if I thought this way? You would have no hope.

He said the door is closing on my people daily now because of Bitterness in their hearts and minds towards others. Some of them are inwardly mad at Me the Lord said. They blame me for their loved ones death, or their Son dying early. If your God, why didn’t you let this happen?

God asked me a question. When Jesus was here on the earth, did he Kill anyone? After I thought about it I said No Lord, he raised the dead.

Then God asked me Did Jesus ever make anyone sick? I again said no Lord, he healed the sick.

Then God asked me if Jesus ever stole something from anyone while he was here? I said No Lord.
God said to me with sadness, then why would I steal your loved ones?

Why would I take Life from you if I came to give it? My will is for you to live on earth as it is in Heaven. People are mad at me and bitter with me for something I did not do.

If it is Steal, Kill, or Destroy! It is never God!! If it is good or Life abundantly or a Blessing. it is Love or God.

If Jesus did not do it in his ministry, then God the Father does not either. Jesus said if you see me you see the Father! The thief or Satan comes to Kill, Steal, and Destroy. Then blame it on God! So you lose trust in God and lose more.

My people God said, have bitter hearts and minds. Outwardly they say I Forgive, but inside they want Justice!! Another word for Punishment. They want this person to pay for what they did. Throw the stones inwardly. Hoping God will not see.

It will end up in a very dark lonely place even death. Everything will be stolen and gone. Nakedness and filth. Hunger and thirst. All because of bitterness and lack of Mercy. It’s not worth what will come. God will not be able to hide you or protect you!!
You will have plenty of time then before you die to think about how silly it was to be bitter and not forgiving. With God or Men.

Repent while you can! God loves you all. Think about what God is saying to us all.

Kevin C.

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