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A BIG Earthquake Is Coming!

Dec 11, 2019 2:39 PM

I’ve been noticing a lot of 111’s yesterday (prophetic judgments).

On my lunch break at work I was listening to Stan Johnson’s Prophecy audio titled ‘We Split Israel, God Splits Us’ (12.10.19) Stan Johnson talked about an earlier prophecy (that came to pass) given to his wife Leslie – that Yasser Arafat would be hospitalized and die there. I was curious, so I googled this event. I was a little surprised to see the date of his death…11.11.2004.

Then I felt in my spirit something was up with the number 11, so I glanced over to my calendar. Tomorrow was 12.11.19. Tears from the Holy Spirit overcame me.

Last night, my tablet, which I wasn’t anywhere near, turned on by itself. I looked at the time. It was 11:01 p.m.

I was watching my End Time You Tube Videos and felt led to go to the Grand Supreme News site. I didn’t watch the videos, only glancing at the titles ‘WARNING! 2020 Prophetic Signs’ and ‘Signs of the BIG 1? NEARLY 60,000 Earthquakes Have Rocked the Planet In the Past Year’.

I then switched over to watch another End Time You Tuber. I guess I fell asleep because all of a sudden I woke up with a jolt. In my spirit I heard ‘A BIG EARTHQUAKE IS COMING!’. I was shaken and glanced at the clock. The time was 1:22 a.m.
This morning when I got up I heard in my spirit ‘PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!’

Without question God’s judgments are coming, but may we continue to pray for the lost while there’s still time.

Numbers received 12.10.19-12.11.19.


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  1. Smilie Christie, Jr

    Amen pray pray pray men ought to always pray and not faint.
    yours in Christ Jesus

  2. Nicole Ardolino

    I’m seeing those numbers too. More than usual lately. 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 1:22, 5:22, 7:22, etc.

  3. bryan johnston

    Thank you. This COULD be a prediction of the earthquake spoken of in Revelation chapter 6 verse 12, which signals the opening of the 6th Seal (we are currently somewhere BETWEEN Seals 5 and 6 I believe – and there are only 7 of them.)

  4. Pr. Aarão

    Brother Bryan

    God is organized and so is His Word. The stamps will open in the right order: 1, 2, 3 …
    The 5th or 6th will not open before the first. The 1st seal, the White horse is an agent that will provoke war against the Red Horse (2nd seal) – (USA against Russia, or China, or Korea or Iran, or all of them).
    The third seal and the fourth seal are consequences of this war between the previous two (Hunger, food with high prices, disease and pests caused by the war).
    We await the opening of the first 2 stamps.

    Pr. Aarão

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