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911 – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

911 – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

September 23, 2018

“America you are in a state of emergency, but you have no idea how severe your injury is! Bleeding but blinded, dying but careless, you limp towards your dreams of a New America! There is no urgency in your voice, there is not a cry of help in your prayers. You are distracted by the false reports given to you by your false teachers, prophets, and physicians. There is no cure for the snake bite of deception that has infected your nation! The river of lies has drowned My Church and Her leaders. I have sent lifelines but she refused to admit Her need for one. I have called out to Her but Her music and surfeiting has drowned My Calls out! America your house is on fire, your Emperor has no clothes, your future is today, but you refuse to admit the finality of your hour! As a garment is changed after it’s been soiled, so shall the necessity of change be for your nation! The Beast will arise during your times of trial!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Ezekiel 14)

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