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9 Dreams & Visions of Martial Law – Teresa Douglas

Teresa Douglas

May 18, 2018

9 Dreams & Visions of Martial Law that I have had:

I have had several!

In one quick vision I had, I saw a foriegn military man, he was leaning his head in our stopped car and looking around. It was like we were at a road block of some kind. I remember he had on some kind of olive green French looking beret on his head.

In another I saw this in a night vision,
I was looking out my kitchen window when I saw our neighbor guy, he was all dressed up in a suit and tie,
(which he never wears), he was trying to leave his house in the middle of the night, and when he got between the houses, all of a sudden a very bright spotlight was shined on him and he quickly turned his head and put his hands up to shield his eyes from the that light!

In another one I saw in a dream where people were communicating with the people across the street in somekind of morris code, via their window blinds! They were opening and shutting them very fast in different patterns!

In another dream I had, I saw where people were giving messages to a mail man to give to others on his route, there were no phones! This is what I heard them say, “Tell them the code word is CARAVAN!”

In another I saw in a vision,
the front parking lot of a Wal-Mart store. As I kept looking at it, I saw white UN vehicles lining up in rows facing outward from the store!

In another, I saw in a quick vision,
people putting up huge over sized street lights, the light post also had huge round speakers attached to them!

And these are the craziest ones of all, I have had several visions now of seeing what looked like huge transformer robots! In one vision, I saw one that was as tall as the courthouse, it was keeping watch over a city!

Also I have had dreams of people’s houses being checked, they were gojng through everything, it seemed they were looking for something, (probably guns)!

And in another vision that woke me up, I saw a strange florescent type of blue light, that was shined down into the houses! I have no idea what that was about!


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