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My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My Children, all of My Children were created with purpose and each to follow his or her own individual path and plan. Some focus on Me alone and walk the path perfectly laid before them, while others wrestle with My plan for them, some even overtaken by sin and the cares of this world. I know each individual heart, and I wait on many to experience relationship with Me. Even the most devout are subject to the world around them, and occasionally become distracted by it. No two walks with Me are the same, for each child of Mine will have different challenges and obstacles along the way to Me. All of My Children receive slightly different levels of understanding, knowledge, and wisdom, but no matter where you are on the spectrum, I can use you. My request is that all of My Creation turn to Me and seek relationship with Me. Yet, many turn from Me and walk in the opposite direction. These I cannot protect, and they leave themselves open to the attacks of the enemy. This is especially true of those that know Me but choose to go their own way. These have a target marked upon their backs and their hearts. Some may have been better off not learning of Me until the end of their earthly journeys. My heart breaks for these that walk away from relationship with Me and out into this world and its deceptions. Yet, I stand with open arms waiting to receive them again. I am long suffering for My Creation as My purpose in creating you is, was, and always will be to love you and for you to receive that love. This is why I am patient, and this is why I will do all that it takes to bring in My last lost sheep. It comes down to surrendering, surrendering to Me, My Loves. For some, it’s getting to the place where there is nothing left for them here, and their journey to Me has been fraught with anguish because they have clung to the things of this world for too long, and they ended up coming up empty. There is no joy to be found when one’s hopes are placed on anything but Me. For many, this is only learned after a lifetime when the hole in their heart expands large enough to become them. It is these that never see My heart for them, and misdirect their anger upon the One who laid down My life for them. I anguish over these, and I wait with open arms for them. I wait for them to see the truth that I am not to blame. You reside in a fallen creation, My Children. Sure, you can catch a glimpse of My Majesty here, here and there, but your joy is fleeting and darkness is never far behind. And, yes, I will allow the darkness if it means that eventually you will run into My open arms. Understand that each child of mine experiences a different journey. Each heart has a different melting point. Your journey was established even before I knit you together in your mother’s womb. For each heart is different and will require a different set of circumstances for Me to be revealed. Removing the dross from each child of Mine requires a different process. This is the fact that must be recognized by those who long for only escape. I wish for My Children to see My purpose, not their own. I wish for My Children to develop within themselves patience and long suffering, facing every challenge in front of them with a sense of peace and hope. Find joy in your waiting, My Children. Receive peace in the knowledge that I am in ultimate control. Be excited waiting, but anxious for nothing. Allow Me to cultivate My peace within your hearts. Remember the heart of the last lost sheep, the one I must pursue until he is found. Patience is a virtue, and with your patience comes growth within your own heart. Surrender completely, and allow Me to put the finishing touches on your faith. Spend this time learning in a deeper way to receive My love. Spend this time learning in a deeper way how to receive My peace that passes all of your understanding. Make every moment left about the hearts that have yet to surrender to their Creator. Take your focus off of your own circumstances and focus on My big picture. By doing this, you will surely receive My peace. I surely love My creation, for if it wasn’t so, I would not have come in the flesh and given My life upon the cross. Rest in this, My finished work, that many more will receive My plan of salvation. Your lifespan is but a blink of an eye on My eternal timeline, but your hearts are the most valuable gifts I will ever long for. Surrender to Me now, My Loves. Give Me all that burdens you. Allow the last of My refining to take place within your hearts, and willfully desire long suffering until My last lost sheep is recovered. I love you, My Children. Venture to learn and receive My love in its fullest. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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  1. Kristian

    Thank you for this message. It was very encouraging!

  2. Linda L Courtney

    Words from the middle of this message.
    “Your journey was established even before I knit you together in your mother’s womb. ”
    The MEANING of the word “established” is . . . “having been in existence for a long time. and therefore recognized and generally accepted . . .”
    This sounds as if our pathway is SET for us before we were born into this life. Did Jesus chose for us to make the choices we made? Or did He leave the choices up to us?

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