7 STEPS HEALING MODEL – Alexandru Iordan

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September 26-27 2022
Alexandru Iordan

1. Compassion – Smile, ask their name, tune to your heart, express love to them, “Of course Jesus wants to heal you.. Jesus includes everyone… you absolutely are included”. They must feel loved.

2. Ask, “What’s Wrong?”– “Where does it hurt?” and “What does God want to heal NOW?”-
Focus intently on one item at a time. Ask the individual, “How long have you had this and
what event occurred at the time this problem began” ASK, “May I pray for you for healng?
May I lay my hand on you? Now simply receve as I pray andsimply sense and share what you are feeling, and any thoughts or pictures that come to you as these are important messages.”

3. Listen to God – Relax, smile and ask, “Lord, grant me words of knowledge concerning how to pray for this person” Then receve any intormation that Lord may want to reveal tuning to spontaneous emotions, spontaneous bodily pains, emotional pains words and pictures. Lovely share these. Spicifically confess sins especially accusations thoughts and words towards self and others and unforgiveness towards self and others and follow any other specific directions God gives. Command all spirtual forces connected with these sins leave now. If no special revelation bubbles up, then minister healing based on the general promises in the Bible and Jesus’ example of healing All who came.

4. Invite God’s PresenceHis Presence and Power to Heal – “Lord, pour Your love and healng
power on this person according to (Isa. 61:l-3). Holy Spirit, we welcome your presence. Glorify the Father by reveallng your glorious healing power. God, send angels with healing on their wings” With your eyes open, watch the person for signs of the Holy Spirit moving upon them [eyelids flutter, become flushed, gentle trembling, peace]. NOW, the love and the power of the Lord is present to heal (Lk. 5:17)!

5. Command the Healing in Jesus’ Name – Lay your hand on the infirm spot (be sensitive when praying for opposite sex). Command the affliction/pain to leave. Use short prayers. Both Individiual and prayer counselor are to stay relaxed and smiling so you do not block the flow of the Holy Spirit. Maintain this attitude: “Healing is easy because Jesus has already done the work, by His scourging we are healed. He has already obtained this healing for us.” (Isa. 53:4,5; Ps. 103:3; 147:3). Rebuke demons and command them to leave. Cancel every assignment of the powers of darkness against the person’s mind, body and spirit, command pain to go and trauma to leave all cellular tissue. Speak restoration and normal function of all cells and body parts. Be detailed and specific. “Function normally in Jesus’ name!” See God’s light penetrating the area. You focus God’s healing light on the infirm spot just as you would focus a magnifying glass on a piece of paper so that the sun’s rays are intensified and start it on fire. God’s focused healing power releases miracles (Lk. 11:34-36; Hab 3:4). If you need to roar at satan and his darkness, do so! You are simply declaring, believing and seeing His divine energy penetrate the area. Speak faith, trust, peace, and protection of Psalm 91.

6. Test It Out – Ask for and receive God’s vision of the body functioning normally, letting gratitude and thanksgiving flood your heart as you do something you could not easily do before. Miracles manifest as you step out in faith, believing, thanking (Mk. 11:22-24) and receiving in childlike joy. As the lepers went, they were healed (Lk. 17:14). “Get up and walk.

7. Repeat: Pray a Second, Third and Fourth Time – lf you pray and see no visible change in the natural, or you see a partial healing, then pray again (immediately) until you have prayed 3-4 Gmas and either they are completely healed or you note no further improvement (Lk 18:1e5; Mk. 8:23-25 Ja. 5:1 7; 1 Kgs. 18:41-45). Repetition weakens and defeats the enemy With each prayer express a little more love, belief, and gratitude, staying open to using
various prayer approaches. Close by praying a blessing and being sure to determine if they have ever invited Christ into their lives. If not, lead them in a salvation prayer.

Short version


Hi everyone,i just want to share this 5 tips on how to pray for healing with you.This something that i use in my everyday life and hopefully is going to be a blessing to someone out there

Step 1

Ask the person about what is going on in their body. Ask what emotional/spiritual issue they are suffering from, if you don’t already know.

Step 2

Thank God for the person you are praying for, it can be specific or general.

Step 3

Tell the sickness in the person’s body or the emotional issue to leave this person in the name of Jesus Christ.

Step 4

Tell the person’s body or mind to be healed/made whole in the name of Jesus.

Step 5

Ask the person if they feel any difference, if not, go through steps 1-4 once or twice more.

Look at Jesus

Yes, it is that simple but this is not a magic formula, this is a guide. Without getting into a deep theological discussion about whether God wants to heal someone or if one person can heal another, simply look at what Jesus did and said.

– Jesus healed everyone who came to Him.
– Jesus explained the way to pray. He said for God’s will be done on earth as is in heaven (Matthew 6:10). We know from Revelation 21:4, there is no sickness in heaven.
– Jesus gave His power and authority to His disciples (Matthew 10:8, Luke 9:1, Luke 10:9).

How your prayer can be effective?

Being effective in prayer for anything comes from understanding the position of power that Jesus gave you. And also by having faith in His Word. If you don’t understand these things well, praying effectively can be challenging.

Big blessings & let’s go and send the devil with his sickness back where he belongs to in Jesus name!😃

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