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7/8 will NOT BE COMING HOME TO HEAVEN – Janet Lynn


October 15, 2022 1:08 AM
Janet Lynn

Today I write to you with a heavy heart, as the Lord has been revealing much to me, and it’s about who he ‘really’ is, and what he ‘really’ said, and that he’s just as much ‘Justice, Judgment, holiness, rules and regulations of the rule of heaven– per his way he conducts his stuff and realm,’ as he is ‘Love.’

Many are only looking to his Love, and some sort of ‘hyper grace’ that covers CONTINUED IN SIN, all the while believing ‘they have no sin to repent of; ‘ and yet he tells me…

“Janet, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you of what I know; and that is that 7/8 of your family members and childhood friends will NOT BE COMING HOME TO HEAVEN WITH US– outside REPENTANCE OF THEIR HEARTS, and turning TO ME, TRUTHFULLY, in conduct and deeds.

Some, you will only have knowledge of, while you are here, for I will take your memories from you, as to not lament them, on the other-side of all of this.

Soak them up NOW, SPEAK THE TRUTH TO THEM NOW, and we will ‘awaken’ as many as WILL BE.”


I do not know when he will take any of us home, myself included, except that he has said, “I need you here,'” so I know I will be here for ‘as long as he needs me to be.’

So, I live EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE, telling YOU ALL, because we love you ALL…

like it’s the VERY LAST THING HE WILL POST THROUGH ME; because, ‘should I be gone,’ the word is still here, to help those left behind.

I know that’s serious, because the ‘hour’ is, and God is, and I am INUNDATED by his ‘sorrow’ for what he ‘must’ bring in now: Harvests.

— Janet Lynn

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