Humpty Dumpty! – Benjamin Faircloth

By Benjamin Faircloth

March 18, 2018
“Humpty Dumpty!”

“America you have fallen and you can’t get up! Your crown is shattered among the nations, because your pride has caused your fall from Grace! You ask how and why and I tell you it is because of sin and rejection of Truth! You have left My Safe Harbor of protection, you have anchored off the Shore of Truth, deep into the sea of deception! Who can reach you and rescue you?

You’ve abounded My help, you refuse My counsel, what shall I do? How many signs and signals do you need to warn you of great danger?

You murder My Prophets with your words, you slander My Watchmen with your vile accusations, what shall I do?

Listen to Me as I speak Truth to you, America you have fallen and you do not know it! There is no trap door to exit from your magic show of deception! There are no more props and fake scenes to fool the people. The king is naked and his kingdom is bare! The world will witness his fall and all will see what a show it was, and I will revel My Hand with judgment, and there will be no mistaking the hour you are in!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Revelation 13 and Jeremiah 13)


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