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God’s judgment before the Tribulation – Steve Holmes

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God’s judgment before the Tribulation

April 8, 2024 5:03 PM
Steve Holmes

April 8, 2024

Thus says Yahweh, God Almighty, the great I AM. “Son of man: Sound the alarm! The fires of my judgment that I am releasing to consume corruption, greed, and all manner of sin and defilement in my creation will bring unfathomable tragedy, loss, despair, and incredulity among those who suffer the unexpected losses that shall soon be upon all the earth. Your freedoms that you hold so dear in America will be gone, just as your constitutional system of government and monetary exchange are already experiencing.

Send forth the fire brigades of intercessors to douse the flames long enough for those with ears to hear to repent and seek my provisions, safety and will for their lives before it is too late for their mortal bodies and eternal souls.

My angels have been released into the harvest fields to separate wheat from tares. It is a short work with limits to the time allowed for my church to work with them to bring in the harvest of souls in these last days before the devil and his minions are cast down upon the earth to try, afflict, rob, kill, steal and destroy those who have not feared me and my holiness, and rejected my grace and mercy into every part of their being. The hidden sins of those who claim to be mine shall surely be exposed far and wide through your media by those who hate you. Shocking secrets will be revealed as my right hand of righteousness sweeps across the earth to show mankind that my true church is one committed to true and persistent choices of living in holiness before me at every temptation.

Repent now while there is still the tiniest sliver of time left to do so. Soon, the unrepentant and the stiff-necked will be brought to my open court of justice and judged harshly and before all. Those found wanting lo are but tares mascarading as “sons of God,” who are all talk to gullible ears, and I shall expose and uproot them from the places of spiritual authority that they have defiled with compromise, lies, pride, greed and submission to the demons and the devil whom they have served in secret. Make no mistake, this is not my “great white throne judgment,” but the pre-tribulaton shaking of all that can be shaken to confirm and separate who is ready to escape the trials that are now come upon the whole earth from those who require further and much hotter refinement to become pure of heart.

Walk in holiness, my people. The days of crime and corruption in my body are over. And as my hammer of judgment falls, many, many souls that thought they were eternally secure and ready to be caught up will be found wanting and many will be lost into the unquenchable flames of hell fire for eternity when they surrender to the demands of the beast.

Tremble at my word, my children. Tremble at the conviction of my spirit. Tremble in your days of correction and humility when I send men, angels and the heathen media to publicly correct you.

Remember how Rachel hid her father Laban’s household idols from him as she escaped his overreach in her journey to the land I promised my servant Abrahsm? Laban could not find them as he searched in vain to take them back. I am not a blind man to what is hidden. Idolatry is sin, and though it be hidden from public view, I see it and I am going to expose it, for I am holy and I said not to have any other “gods” before me because it is wickedness and sin to hold anything in your heart and soul in admiration and value above the cost of the precious redeeming blood of my son.

Search your heart this day with my help and guidance to see whether you be in the faith or simply fooling yourself for your own ego or the empty praises of men. I shall NOT ignore your guilt. Repent now or forever suffer the losses you have chosen for your service to this world and it’s temptations. My kingdom is recruited from the lowly and humble, not the proud and arrogant of this world. Be as little children to inherit me as the love of your life and the lover of your eternal soul, for I shall not share my throne with the “household gods” upon which anyone sits to conceal them from my eyes.

Repent and serve me in holiness and in truth with all of your heart that I not find any guile within you as I allow my judgments to fall, separating what is voluntarily mine from that which is luke warm and defiled, which shall be thrown into the now burning fires of the great tribulation which shall spare no man that is left behind when I draw near in the clouds to snatch away my precious Shulamite bride who has made herself ready for me for eternity by forsaking this world and cleansing away all spots and wrinkles from her wedding garments in the blood sacrifice of my son Jesus, who died for her.

Do you consider yourself an equal of his in your calling to be a voluntary living sacrifice? Can you remain standing in the moment of great scrutiny that my eye shall.search you with? If not, be zealous and repent.

The close of the age of the folly of men is now upon you. You are now called to give an account before me for the things I have entrusted you with. Are you using them to reach souls, thus bringing glory to my holy name, or are you using my gifts and callings as your servants to bring MY glory unto yourself?

My children, you live in perilous times and few are truly prepared to meet me face to face as my servant Abraham did the day before my judgment fire fell upon Sodom, Gomorrah and the cities of the plain. Will you be found righteous, eschewing evil in every way in every temptation like my servant Noah, who built an ark of safety and survival before the flood swept away all who were evil along with those who were sometimes disobedient? Are you as my servant Joshua who maintained his faith before me while millions grumbled and complained in unbelief? Do these examples of my standards not give you pause for consideration of your own lives before me in these end times? Understand that my son will not call a defiled and adulterous bride to sit with him upon my throne. Examine yourselves, my children. The days of my judgment are now upon you. Ask for my Revelation to expose that which is sin and darkness within you, my dear children, for the time had now come for me to gather the holy first fruits of my creation unto myself to inherit all I have promised. Search yourselves, my people! Repent swiftly and forsake all that is not of me, for it is truly the last hour in time for you to do so before the consequences of all sin are announced for all who have not forsaken this fallen world.

I.love you, my dear children. Do you love me with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength? We shall soon see. Remember that it is a great honor to be asked to drink from the cup of the KING of Kings and LORD of Lords.”

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