The Coming Lamentation And Grievous Woe – Whitney Eslick Manuel

The Coming Lamentation And Grievous Woe

November 16, 2023 5:25 PM
Whitney Eslick Manuel

11/16/2023 5:00 PM

After a time of prayer and praise the LORD gave me a prophetic song and a word. They go together.

Here first is the word:

“Beloved, write. Twice now I have sent you to warn of the coming lamentation and grievous woe. It has not been heard. Even My people, those who call upon My Name, almost none believe. I would that they had listened. For if they listened they would have heard My call to prepare their hearts for what their eyes will see.

I do not want My people shell-shocked. I want them prepared.


Prepared to preach and lead multitudes to Me. But they have not heeded thus far and so are woefully unprepared, even many of My strong warriors. Send forth the call to snap to attention and at least get a rapid-fire brief.

The war is come. Disasters and strange sights will cross your sky and media and streets and squares imminently. When you see these shocking happenings, you must resist fear and natural reaction.

Still yourself and ready yourself for action. My harvest precedes and postcedes the rescue of My beloved Bride. Be ready in and out of season. Close your ears and hearts to the world’s propaganda; take no part in their reaction.

No, this is the time of action for My church. I want you to be a light, a fearless light and many of the shocked masses will have been prepared through the calamities to hear of Me and receive Me.

Do not hide from your duty, Harvest worker, but run to it! Joy in it! Shine brightly! I’ll use you mightily and then My obedient children will come to Me on eagle’s wings. This is the hour of your rescue. This is the time of calamity. It comes together. They run parallel to one another.

Some may say it is the worst of times. It will be true. But if you look up and follow the leading of My HOLY SPIRIT it will be the best of times also.


I send you out to them two by two. Let all who will listen and turn come to Me here at the end. All who reject you have rejected Me. Yet, I will give one more sweep across the face of the earth– one more offer of salvation.

They need you prepared.

Lamentation and mourning and woe.

They need you prepared!

Lamentation And Mourning And Woe!

You stay in Me. Prepare your hearts so that when it comes you will not be rolled over by the shock. Have I not told you what comes?


You be My emmisaries.
You be My witnesses.

You will have an opportunity to be My hands and feet as never before in the history of the world. Prepare your hearts and minds for this.”


Prophetic song given just before the word:

Glow warm.
Glow warm in the storm.
Under the light of My light.
Shine bright.
Shine brighter still.
Come close to Me, My loves.
And My doves will soar.
Roar a mighty roar!
Glow warm!

Under My shadow you will rest.
And be at peace from the violent tempest now brewing.

Glow warm.
Never fear what your eyes can see!
Just look upon Me.
Make haste.
Make haste to hide yourself in the fold of My heart.
Near My breast.
Upon My chest.
This is your place.
For safe space.

And glow warm.
Glow warm.
No icy season shall terrify you.
As you glow warm, shine brightly in the storm.
I see My lighthouses everywhere.
People are drawn in prayer.

Glow warm!
Glow warm.
Consider not the storm.
Set your sights and your eyes upon Me.
I will lead you tenderly and most powerfully.
You shall never flee from any rival or enemy.
For you are seen and loved by Me.

Glow warm.
Am I not your light?
The light of life for all men?
Then shine brighter under My hand.
Glow warm.
Tucked inside My garment fold.
Your provisions will not grow old.
So glow warm.
They’re freezing in the storm.
Forget your life and all your plans.
And do, I say, your Captain’s command:


They’ll seek you out in the storm.
Multitudes are marked as Mine.
They just need drawing at this time.
Go forth!
Go forth!
Share My light and share My life.
Share My gift of sacrifice.

And glow warm.
Glow warm.
You are not as others are.
Whose love has waxed this far.
No, you’re to grow brighter like a star.

Glow warm!
And go forth!
Shine the light of My love.
Offer My rescue from above.
Glow warm!
Glow warm.
Glow warm~


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