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5 ways to overcome Temptation

Dec 16, 2019 6:06 AM
Every believer faces temptation day to day life. Temptation is part of Christian Life. Today we will see that how shall we overcome temptation from Bible.
My request is that you must read References so that you may found a breakthrough in your life.
Out 5 ways to overcome temptation, you can apply only way in a given situation. Choose the correct way under the guidance of Holy Spirit.
1.  Ignore the voice of satan – Temptation in mind is most common weapon of satan. Many believers finds difficulty to overcome it.
satan sows seed in your mind( Matthew 13:39). Seed by satan is the temptating thoughts. When we think over temptating thoughts, we get closer to commit sin.
When we mediate More and more on those temptating thoughts ( seeds), the seed  grows to plant and then matures to form bad tree with bad fruits ( Matthew 7:18). The bad tree bring eternal death ( Matthew 3:10).
Best way to overcome temptating thoughts is to ignore them and pay no attention to it. Place temptating thoughts with other thoughts. You can do this because God has given you power over your mind.
2.  Flee from temptating situations– Flee from youthful lusts (2 Tim 2:22) ,flee from sexual immorality (1Cor 6:18), flee from idolatry (1Cor 10:14) and flee from money greed ( 1 Timothy 6:9-11).
God counsels to run away in some temptating situation because we will fall into it.
3. Stay silent- Jesus Christ remained silent when He was wrongly accused ( Mark 14:61, Matthew 27:14).
When somebody is accusing you or abusing you , you should remain silent like Jesus Christ.
You should hear the words of accusing or abusing from one ear and Remove from another ear. You shall forgive them.
4.  Crucified Life-  When you accept Jesus Christ, your old man is Crucified with Christ ( Romans 6:6). You are no longer slaves of sin ( Romans 6:6). You becomes slave of Christ ( Ephesians 4:1).
You should crucify the desires of flesh and mind by the means of cross ( Gal 5:24).
Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ is your strength over sin.
You should die to sin. ( Romans 6:7).
The world shall be Crucified to you, and you shall be Crucified to the world. ( Gal 6:14).
Mediate on Gal 2:20
1. I have been Crucified with Christ.
2. Christ lives in me.
3 I have faith of Lord Jesus Christ.
5.  Mediation of Word of God- Mediation of Word of God renews our mind ( Romans 12:2). Mediate day and night ( Joshua 1:8).
This weapon of mediation is most powerful weapon for temptation in mind. Test this weapon now, you shall have great success.
You will surely get breakthrough, if you mediate on this message and apply it in your life.


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