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5 minutes to midnight

July 1, 2020 12:03 AM

Hello everyone.

This is a dream I had this morning 1st July 2020 at 3am.

Me and my family were outside the house at night during curfew. Policemen with guns ordered us back into the house or risk arrest and we adhered.

I stood at the door have closed pipping and suddenly happened to look at the sky. There was a gigantic grand looking clock face that showed the hour and minute hand close together right next the 12th hour. Right away I understand what it meant so I shouted telling the others to look up and see, shouting “5 minutes to midnight, 5 minutes to midnight” Jesus is almost here!

All over a sudden we were outside again, it was as if day time and the strengest thing happened. There were clouds everywhere floating right above the ground and I touched to feel one of them. It felt like cotton I couldn’t believe what was happening. I questioned and slapped myself to see if at all I was in a dream, but it was real.

Everyone in the neighborhood came out of the their houses and we’re playing with the clouds to the point that they were covered in them and you could hardly recognize anyone. Finally there were lots of people gathered together in front of the house and I joyfully started greeting each of them shaking their hands. One of them asked me if i was (my name) to confirm and I proudly replied yes. End.

Time is really really short, let’s stay awake and spotless like the clouds of heaven:)

God bless you all.


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  1. KarenO

    Soon & very soon, AJ! All the technology is in place & Satan’s minions are waiting for their cue to begin.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Dean

    There are about 20 other dreams on here saying 1 minute to midnight why is it 5 all of a sudden??

  3. Donna Reed

    Replying to Dean’s comment: It is good to question things, but we need to also keep an open mind & pray for a spirit of discernment, especially if a dream/vision/message has been given from the Most High. Just because others have had dreams about 1 minute to midnight, maybe Our Father also is sharing significance about 5 minutes to midnight. We just need to stay vigilant and READY for HIM. Very exciting times we are living in now… Blessings!!

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