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5 Black Horses – Anonymous

5 Black Horses


Sep 9, 2019, 6:25 PM
I wanted to share a dream I had about 2 months ago. This is one of the few dreams that I can remember after waking up to be honest. If you feel incline to share, I would like to stay anonymous please. Thank you. John
In the dream, I was in an old dilapidated factory, exposed rusting pipes and dirty water running down the walls. Everything was grey and dark shadows everywhere. The factory was huge in size as well and the ceiling reached up high into the air. There were windows but they were yellow, hazy and you could not see out of them. I was walking around by myself going from one greyish room to another when I walked into a large room that had 5 black horses at the other end near the back wall. They were agitated and snarling and scratching at the ground and rising up on their hind legs. Then all of a sudden they turn around towards me and started to gallop in my direction from where they were at a fast run. One of the black horses was running upside down on the ceiling and the other 4 black horses were galloping on the ground. I remember turning around and leaving before they could get to where I was at the other end of the large room.
I am now walking in another part of the large dark, greyish factory and I am thinking I want to leave this place but cannot find any way to exit. Then at the end of this large room there is a single door. I walk towards the door and once I am a few feet away the door opens and on the other side is the most colorful field of grass, trees and flowers I have seen with clear blue sky. I can hear birds chirping, it was quite beautiful. As I take a step toward the door, dark shadows start grabbing me from the waist down and are trying to pull me into the ground. I started screaming Jesus, please help me over and over and that’s when I woke up.
My interpretation (and this is just my limited understanding) is that the large greyish factory is this world we are in right now. The door represents Jesus and on the other side is heaven. There are dark entities that want to stop us from going through the door.The black horses are the black horse of famine in the bible (Revelation 6:5-6) ready to be let loose on this world.

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