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40 Days In The Desert Praying – Pollox

40 Days In The Desert Praying

April 29, 2021 10:18 AM

April 29, 2021

Everyone who reads this is conscripted to: Pray For Lost Souls In NYC Starting Today For 40 Days! If you miss a day don’t worry God is not a Pharisee, just pick-up where you left off and continue praying daily. If you think you go to Heaven alone, without your brothers & sisters, you are wrong. You either all go together or you don;t go at all! There are many lost souls in NYC and the Kick-Off Event is Now! Take up this mission and add what is lacking in the Cross of Christ Jesus. We are fighting a war and you are in the army of the Living God, play your part.
Beware, lest you yourself are left without succor, in your last hours on this earth!

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