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My Name Is Alonda Stallings I’ve been saved now 26yrs Yahushua The Christ is Lord God The heavenly Father Is Alpha Omega Is 1st He is the Lord over ALL I own over ALL my life I felt I needed to share these dream’s for so long I’ve been given dream’s vision’s revelation wisdom about things that most will never receive or care to due to the nature of the spiritual impact it has it changes you in a way that separates you from other’s because of this truth God has kept me and these dream’s and vision’s hidden til now

From my youth before I was saved God spoke to me in dream’s about how hard how dark and the thing’s in my life I would go thru was. I got saved at 19yrs old in a small town in central Iowa Ft Dodge I came from a hard lonely very abused trouble youth Ive only shared these dream’s with a few I had no1 to share these dream’s with as I didn’t understand as a baby christian then that God was giving prophetic warning about the now times we are in remember it was 1995-1996 a few yrs after I got saved I started to have these dream’s I was scared to talk in the churches I went to this kinda endtimes stuff folks didn’t talk about and they were spirit filled churches I was saved in 1993

The 1st dream I was sitting in a dark room in a chair there where 2 window’s a door and a tv that was blasting I was watching the tv and the anchor woman was talking about how she couldn’t believe the planes the bombs and what was happening In front of me was a window outsite I could see war what looked like World War 2 planes and tank they were shooting dropping bombs on an enemy I couldn’t see but the Lord let me know that we were invaded and that a civil war was going on as well in America you couldn’t see the sky it was dark outside but I knew that the air was also smokey cloudy not clear at all.

God turned my chair to the window to my right I saw tanks bulldozing my old high school in Iowa Dubuque Senior High School it didn’t look like a school anymore but a war zone tanks ran straight through its blown out halls the school was just a shell then the walls of the house fell all I could see Dubuque Iowa was a war zone I saw the war planes and tanks fighting an enemy I couldn’t see I believe God was showing me World War 3 and possibly war with China and Russia I got that this scene was my home state of Iowa in Dubuque The dark room and the darkness out side was God showing me just how dark and evil the days were going to be I was warning all white in the dream.

The 2nd dream was very short but to the point it was a beautiful day out I started to walk towards a house that I sensed I was living in It was a big tall white house nice clean it had several storys like 3 stories I walked up several flights of stairs I lived at the very top in a room with two windows it was very dimly lite a chair sat in front of a loud tv I sat down and heard the anchor man say Los Angeles has been hit with a massive earthquke that has killed 7million people the damage is beyond description the loss of life is great The Lord turned my chair around to the window to my right I saw the ground in Northern California it was pushed up in someplaces 30ft or more the roads were un fixable you couldn’t drive certian places at all I now know this will be connected to the coming Tsunami Earthquake that will break off California into the ocean. Recently in 2015 the Lord started to speak to me about the San Andreas Faultline he has let me know there are Angels waiting to destroy each day the faultline moves 2 to 3 miles Los Angeles will go in the ocean so will San Franisco. Santa Monica I was shown in 2015 a small tsunami wave coming in there so it is just a matter of time

The 3rd dream There was a small white one room bungalow it had 2 windows a chair sitting in fornt of a tv that was blasting I sat down Tom Brokaw was on the tv he said “Tonight from South East Asia I’m reporting on the devastation in what looks like a normal untouched place” As I looked out the window straight ahead as Tom Brokaw spoke I noticed it was a nice somewhat cloudy day it was a beautiful tropical place I felt it was an island there were bugalows well made with stairs sandy beaches untouched a paradise

But something was wrong I notice it was like a ghost town there were no people the waves were washing up Then The Lord turns my chair to the second window to my right the waves started to turn bloody I saw dead people then the walls of the house fell I was transporting to the ocean I was now floating in the ocean w millions of dead Asian’s everywhere there was blood everywhere the pelicans and seagulls were floating in the water covered in blood as if it were nothing I was covered in blood God turned me in a circle I could see the beach I could see millions of dead Asian’s they all wore traditional clothing no collar latch button long sleeve shorts and pants. I can tell you the shirts they wore were dark gray and the pants were black everyone was dressed the same

I know that the color gray means sickness or illness in a dream I know black means death in a dream so my take on the matter is this I’ve asked God what it means Woodworm it says in Revelations that the 3rd Angel sounded HIS TRUMPET AND THROW DOWN WOODWORM it took all these years but The Lord gave it to me the gray shirt means before they did something caused sickness then illness before death which is where the black pants come in at they were trying to drink the ocean water because the freshwater in the villages and towns was poison. Can you imagine millions trying to drink the water from the ocean Alot of Asian countries don’t know Christ they are pagan and new age and Buddhist mostly atheist I get from The Lord they will be hit the worse by the judgments along w India,( Indonesia she will be in the water and the Lord will continue to hit her with Tsunami’s till she repent of the shed christian blood from her civil war this is what the Lord says about (Indonesia, Russia, China). Japan will be in the ocean God has told me for all the innocent christian blood shed the missionaries) North Korea because they ALL have rejected God

The 4th dream I was a teenager in this dream I was heading to a high school as I got to the doors I looked up into the sky I saw what looked like a huge star blazing to earth I said look its Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit said no I looked again from the star I saw shooting from the star a bunch of helicopter’s they began to hover above the school then all these military men dressed in black were jumping outta the helicopter’s on ropes with guns something told me that the students were in trouble everyone began to run but it was to late they blocked all the doors I know in my spirit there was no escape I was blocked in everyone was detained and lined up by the lockers I could hear and see kids being shot One of the military men dressed in black asked me DO YOU BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST ” I SAID YES I BELIEVE JESUS CHRIST IS MY LORD AND PERSONAL SAVIOR THEN HE TOOK OUT HIS GUN AND SHOT ME IN MY HEAD I FELT THE COLD GUN I COULD FEEL THE BULLET AND I COULD FEEL PAIN

Again the dream replayed the same scene over at the the lockers the military man dressed in black asked me DO YOU BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST “I SAID YES I BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST AS MY LORD AND PERSONAL SAVIOR ” THEN HE TOOK HIS GUN POINTED AT MY FOREHEAD AND SHOT ME AGAIN I COULD FEEL THE COLD GUN THE PAIN AS THE BULLET ENTERED MY SKULL often times The Lord will replay a dream to establish it is from him

The Lord letting me that many people will see a false wonder thinking its Christ hence the shooting or falling star which represents Lucifer shortly after is the move to get rid of anyone who is a christian I got the 1st thing the anti Christ will do start w the schools to place fear in the parent’s to make an example of anyone not teaching their kids to worship him this will happen with out warning I felt as if God was testing me to see if knowing what was going to happen to me would I still be willing to stand firm in my faith to the point of death it was a warning to America and a test for me

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