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3Days of Darkness – Am Bunmi

3Days of Darkness

July 11, 2020 5:23 PM
Am Bunmi
Abuja, Nigeria.

On the 11th of July 2020 at about 2am in the morning, I had a dream of the 3Days of Darkness I was standing outside the house, the cloud or sky began to open and a massive stone fell a (meteorite) fell then the sky began to turn red that I was scared,it began to bring out rays of red light in a particular direction, at that time I was trying to run to my house, I was contemplating if the darkness won’t get hold of me on my way going home then I decided to remain with the lady I was with and her son and told her everything to do but before this it was dark, the darkness fell upon the earth so fast and I took a wrapper and covered her windows and told her to be careful and the wrapper wasn’t staying well. I told her to bring in foodstuffs and get water inside her room, she’s got a toilet in her room.
We locked the doors and stayed inside the room, but her son ran out he wanted to see what was happening before we could get to him he was taken by the demonic’s that were moving in the darkness, his mother wanted to go get him but I warned her not to. The demons were imitating voices that if you aren’t careful you will fall for them. In the dream it was as if it lasted only a day but everywhere was in total disaster or will I say disarray. Then I saw myself back in my house, I then saw my younger brother and I asked him what just happened he said the 3Days of Darkness.

I heard in my spirit this are for the Brown and Red Skinned people who refuse to believe in God,our Lord Jesus Christ…may God help us to believe in Him in Jesus Might Name.. AMEN.

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  1. Daniel Noah

    Am Bunmi : You were shown what will happen…a correct prophecy, just not for you. You will be translated as the darkness descends and the dispensation of the Holy Spirit’s grace ends…the dispensation of law returns.

    For you Am: “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. Foe behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and thick darkness the peoples: but the Lord will arise upon you, and His glory will be seen upon you.” Isaiah 60:1-2 A 40 day harvest Am… I will see you any day now…that’s how close we are…

  2. Anonym

    I heard in my spirit this are for the Brown and Red Skinned people who refuse to believe in God,our Lord Jesus Christ…?
    are you serious and for real?God of Abraham Isaac and jacob is not a respector of persons also for all {ALL}have sinned and fallen short of the glory of the Lord that means red,blue,yellow even white.this devides,how should people receive your message when you’re colour coding The Most High God Jehova,iweka !

  3. Terri

    I’ve seen various words saying to cover your windows with black garbage bags or something similar during this time. Can anyone explain the reason for doing this?

  4. Eyes Open

    For Anonymous: Have you traveled abroad to any country where MOST ALL THE CITIZENS WERE OF Brown skin due to that country’s ethnicity? I have. China. Ecuador. Mexico. Egypt. Places where White is the Minority. God is no respector of persons …but at the same time He made peoples of color and MOST the worlds populations are Brown. So can our Sovereign God not choose to do as He pleases and bring certain events to certain parts of the world and not others. Could this not be a better translation of the dear fellowservant of Christ’s message who was posting from AFRICA??? Why attack? Just think deeper.

  5. ray

    for Terri
    We are to lock our doors and windows; cover windows and do not look or go outside; my understanding is the demons are rampant and may snatch any who choose their own way rather than Yahweh’s. Padre Pio wrote a letter on this back in the 1950’s. It sounds like a really nightmare time. Jesus Christ has said He is with us, so i will cling to Him. May we each have Safe Travels and Blessed Days!!! Snr,r,ALOHA

  6. Marcy Lang

    From my understanding you are doing it so the light in your homes won’t attract the demons, also so you won’t get tempted to look outside… I have even heard to keep the certain gases emitted from the comet that hits…

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