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3,2,1…Action – Olasubomi Williams

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Oct 9, 2023 4:57 AM
Olasubomi Williams
Isaiah 9:10-13, Revelations 18:2-3, Ezekiel 12


I saw in my vision, there was a room. In that room they were shooting a clip. Then suddenly I heard. 3,2,1, action. Then I saw the Lord Jesus and in front of him was America but the nation was presented as some form of toy probably Legos. The lord carried an hammer and smashed America into pulp. He was so angry at America that he smashed that country like a child smashing their Lego toy when they are pissed. After his anger subsided, he gave over the toy to Obama. Obama did worse. Not only did he smash it to pieces, he broke the toy altogether. All the pieces that was still intact were smashed to bits. Obama was so furious and so angry, he felt like he could kill anyone who came in his way. He went at it for a long period of time before he got tired. He left just to come back again but this time, he had gasoline with him. He poured it on the broken set and lit it on fire. And then he smiled grindingly. Then a pop up text appear which said “DO NOT BE LIKE AMERICA, COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE!”. I then saw a number 18-02-REVELATION. End of vision.

Interpretation of the vision/Words of the Lord Jesus Christk

I AM is going to finish the nation’s of the earth for partaking in Mystery Babylon’s fornication. All of mystery Babylon will receive her judgement in one hour. The kings of the earth as well as all the nations of the earth will hate Babylon when Babylon’s financial systems collapse. They will hate her to death for the pain and misery she has caused many nations. Babylon will be smashed to pieces and will then be handed over to the beast of Revelations who is Barack Hussein Obama. He will finish this nation until there is nothing left of it. All the inhabitants of mystery Babylon will go into captivity and Mystery Babylon will die and sink into the bottom of the ocean never to be remembered again. Thisis the word of the lord.

Children, Obama is the curse of Deuteronomy 28, he is a blight to the nations, a cancer. Do not be deceived by his charming looks or his bold appearance. Behind the fascade of this man lies a killer, a murderer, a psychopath and a sorcerer. He is a man who understands dark sayings. He will deceive the nations by claiming that he is God and will not kneel to any other god. He will rule with an iron fist and destroy wickedly. He is the imposter among you. Check out my vessels YouTube page titled among us. He will bring a great fury upon the nations of the world and he punish those who do good and follow after righteousness. He will test my saints and wear them out but he will not prevail. For they shall shine as bright as the sun in the gross darkness. They shall be as the stars of the night and their heritage shall be forevermore. Obama will not prevail against my people, but he will prevail against the people of America. Do not pray for America, her death is secured. I will not accept any revival in that nation. Pray for yourselves and separate yourselves from her my people. To whom much is given, much is required. I have given America so much but she has fallen short woefully. She is a lost cause. If you pray for her salvation, I will count you among her people. Do not and I repeat do not pray for her. For my fury upon her is great. I will see you all soon.

This is your king speaking. Yahusha ha masheach, Jesus Christ the true Messiah.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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