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3:00AM DC’s Secrets and Holy Fire of God Incoming! – Michelle Katherine Orts

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3:00AM DC’s Secrets and Holy Fire of God Incoming!

October 24, 2022 8:56 PM
Michelle Katherine Orts

Monday Night, October 24th, 2022 8:49PM Central Time USA

Dear 444ProphecyNews/Jonathan,
I dreamed of DC’s and Illuminati’s global governments” secrets being revealed by God to mankind and then I received an accompanying Rhema Word by Jesus’ Holy Spirit, Jesus God in the flesh. 3:00AM was highlighted to me in the dream. I believe both the dream and The Rhema Word are relevant to now and I believe Jesus Commanded me to share and Commands His Own to listen. Fire is incoming! The Fire of Judgement and The Fire of God’s Glory will fall upon all!

In Jesus’ Agape Love and in Warrior King Jesus’ The ONLY Just Judge’s Service,
Your Sister in Christ,

Prophetic Dream/Rhema Title: 3:00AM DC’s Secrets and Holy Fire of God Incoming! Received from Jesus’ Holy Spirit for The Endtime Warrior Remnant Bride Monday, October 24th, 2022 given to me, Michelle Katherine Orts, aka TurtleDove and wife to my loving husband Apostolic Ordained Minister David Orts

I dreamed I was not myself but was another woman, a professional independent detective for hire of some kind, who had been sent into the inner circle of an appointed official investigative group which was investigating our current and former WH administrations and secrets of what really goes on and had gone on over the years.* (David is watching a history documentary and the narrator just said “years*”)

In my dream I tried to ask a male reporter a question and he shrugged me off. I then insisted and practically ordered, I heard myself order, a female reporter ask this question to the current WH inhabitants, “Ask them, ask every single one of them no matter who they are Republican or Democrat, What goes on at 3:00 AM?” The female reporter scoffed at me and stated that I was an amateur and that she’d have to appoint an intern for such a question that I had just asked. She loudly and adamantly refused and I equally held my ground and I knew I had won as I insisted saying, “I am not a F_____g intern! Ask them the question!” She marched off in a huff. I was satisfied that it would get done. I had been given Authority to find The Truth. Horrible Secrets were about to be exposed and to be publicly shared.

In another segment of this dream I was present in the Power of The Holy Spirit in my Spirit man and I was shown the entire sandy coastline of the East Coast. I was made to know by the Spirit of The Lord that many people, in history up to now in the present day, have been involved in the Illuminati, The Worship of Lucifer and have been helping to build the Satanic Beast System which has long ago infiltrated our US Government from the very top in the WH all the way down** (just heard Clay Clark say “winding down**” in an interview as I am writing down this dream.)

I was told by Jesus’ Holy Spirit that 3:00 AM in DC before and during large public or important solemn government events there are secret Satanic sacrificial ceremonies held in which much innocent blood is spilled after much innocence is violated. These horrors take place in other cities, towns and in off site, unknown to most, places all over the world.

Holy Spirit led insight.
The enemy of God who is called Satan Lucifer and has many other names in many other cultures, demands Sacrifice and Worship of himself. There are no true rewards given to those who blindly follow, only deceitfully lended temporal ones stolen from others who refused to obey the Serpent “king.”

Warrior King Jesus will return in due course to slay the usurper of men’s souls with Holy and Righteous Vengeance by The Sword emanating from His Mouth, The Mouth of The Lord, The Logos, The Word made flesh.

Accompanying Rhema Word received 8:08PM Central Time USA Monday Night,
October 24th, 2022

Jesus says to His Own this following Command, Correction and Comfort,

“Hold My Territory until My Return!
I have delegated My Authority to you My Precious Children.
My Holy Spirit accompanies you wherever go! Have no fear!
Set the Captives FREE! All is PREPAID by My Holy Sinless Blood!!!
Do not be deceived by the lusts of the flesh.
Do not sell your soul for morsels of meat or drink.
Seek ME Yeshua, Jesus The Lover of your soul!

Fire is incoming. It MUST be so! My Father is Holy. I AM Holy. My Spirit I leave you with is Holy. AM I not enough for you?
Relent from doing everything your own way in your own strength. Repent for your misjudgement of Me and of your Brethren who do indeed hear Me and obey Me. Seek MY Council. Read My Words. Think My Thoughts. Know My Way. Know Me. Love Me. Love one another unconditionally! I AM their Judge. I AM your Judge. I ALONE AM THE RIGHTFUL JUDGE OF ALL CREATION AND OF EVERY HEART!!!

My Fire is Coming. Be READY! My Fire of Judgement and My Fire of Glory will both FALL upon ALL!

Seek Me NOW while I can be found! I love you all. You who love*** Me and who love one another are My Family Forever and Ever without end.”- Your Friend, Your Salvation and The ONLY TRUE JUDGE of ALL CREATION!”

***confirmation received

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