3 Part Dream: What Is Coming! – Only a Grain of Sand


3 Part Dream: What Is Coming!

End of August, 2020
Only A Grain Of Sand

1. Fish/Baby
Was in a room, must have been a store, standing in front of a waste high display counter. On it sat only one item for sale (read scarcity). It had a small square price tag on it. I picked it up as it was a perfect blend of a fish and a human baby, 6-8 inches long. There was no reaction, horror or any other feeling, this was something common-place. It was fascinating how did they blended the two together? I noted the price and put it back down. Sorry forgot the price number. Fade.

2. Blue Goo
Was in a room, standing in front of a waste high vat of blue liquid. It was still, not any movement in the liquid, the color was beautiful and inviting. I put my hands in it, it was thick, not water at all and viscous. It streamed off my hand between my fingers. I wanted it off my hands and tried, but it was too late! It would not come off at all. Fade.

3. ?
It has been wiped from my memory, sorry, but I feel it will be restored when the time comes for it to be revealed. I was aware that it was as arresting and important as Fish/Baby and Blue Goo.



This is coming to the market place. The genetic monsters the elites have been working on for decades will be common-place and sold to the masses. I was initially shocked I was not disgusted by even seeing this freak for sale, it is because those that take the chip and vaccine, will eat anything handed to them.

Blue Goo

This is the DNA alteration of any and all who take the chip and vaccine. Once entering your body it can not be removed and you are changed forever. The Blue is significant. In 2010 I was on a plane to Tokyo and the in-flight movie was AVATAR. A satanic-rite Hollywood offering. It was difficult but I worked at not looking at the myriad screens all around me in the cabin. Those Blue painted actors were walking demons, it made me sick to even glance at them.

These Two Dreams are a Warning! Beware!



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