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3 more visions about America – Kristina Heuken-Goossen

Kristina Heuken-Goossen

Friday April, 12, 2019

3 more visions about America

I found 3 more visions about America,
and they are very dark and showing
a blackout and a coming war!
And a volcano erruption!

I saw Washington D.C.
It was early evening and the sun was going down.
Then I have a wonderful fiew over the Capitol.
This white dome…
Now it was night and all and everywhere I saw the lights
in the streets, in every home, in the Capitol.
But all of the sudden – in a second –
all lights, in the whole city, went out.
Then two helicopter with huge headlights coming up
behind the Capitol and tried to clarify the situation.
A change of scene:
I saw a huge fullmoon and infront on a hill a wolve howled.

The next vision I saw was short, but it said everything.

I saw a map of America.
And I saw every country/state on it.
In this states the capital cities.
Every single name.
Suddenly I saw something like little strokes.
And in bows, some short, some longer,
this bows marked, from one to the other,
the capital cities.
Some cities got more of this bows, others less.
And as I try to have a closer look –
this small dots on the end of the bows
were everytime a bomb.
This is now my view of this thing:
There is nothing that comes from outside of America,
at least I saw nothing.
So this chain reaction of the bombs must come from
America itself.
Or something that sets this chain reaction going.
Maybe there is something coming from outside of America
and all happens like a big catastrophe.
But, this is my view.
Take it to the LORD!

And finally I saw a vulcano erruption.
The sky over America was yellow.
Impenetrable clouds of sulfur and I felt that you can not breathe.
It was awfull.
And like snow the ash fall down.

Month before the real volcano erruption on Hawaii,
I saw in a vision the volcano erruption on Hawaii,
but it never ever looked like this,
not so destructive like in the vision of this erruption in America.

And now I remember an other vision.
In the pacific, on the coastline of America,
there I saw a huge firesnake,
eating its way all along the coastline of America.
I think it is the Ring of Fire.
But it is a symbol of destruction.

So my brothers and sisters,
be bold and you know:
Because the LORD is always with us!
In every trouble and in every hard time!
HE is a loving FATHER,
who warn us and call us back to HIM!

Pray and repent!

GOD bless you all!


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  1. Kenneth Heck

    “A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house.” (Mark 13:57).

    You as a German may be more effective in your visions about America than you are with visions about Germany. Your volcano vision is relevant to recent news that a new hotspot has formed in Yellowstone, suggesting an eruption may be imminent.

    • Kristina

      Hi Kenneth,

      I rad this article. Many years I already follow what is happening at this volcano. And never was it really quiet. Always action. Because it is clear, if this volcano goes up, it hits the whole earth. But warning is to be prepared – and to make people repent. Always ready to stand in front of their Creator. And believe me, as much resonance as I get here in America from you, I do not have here in Germany. Scorn and ridicule. Not more. only small numbers of people recognize the danger. Not only those of the volcanic eruption – but to have to stand unclean in judgment before GOD! All the visions and messages about America that have posted here in the last days are now 4-5 years old.
      Thank you for your constructive comment.
      It encourage me!

      God bless you


  2. Rebekah

    I say AMEN and Thank YOU ! 🙂

    • Kristina

      Thank you Rebekah!

      GOD bless you


  3. sophie

    I wonder if your vision of the little strokes and bows marked are “suitcase nukes” which destroy only certain areas at a time and that would happen from within America. I had a flash vision once and saw suitcase nukes (black ones) and they were lined up. I sensed that they were going to be used at some time and placed in strategic areas. I hear they can take large sections of cities down but do not know much about them. I remember something about a marking on them but don’t remember what it was exactly. This was a very quick flash vision long time ago.

    So now I wonder if that is it. The Lord said long ago ‘the enemy lies with your own country” and to stop looking at outsiders and to look at our own government. I didn’t get that Word but another did and it struck a cord with me. I do believe they have major plans to take us down to submit to their agenda. They will do anything to kill us off somehow. America is full of evil men/women conspiring behind closed doors for their New World Order.

    thank you for posting and being obedient to the Father. God Bless you

    • Kristina

      Dear sister in CHRIST,

      Hm, I have to say, I did not know if I should write that because of the fact that there is no external influence. But I have to tell things truthfully. And there was NO impact from outside. These arches started in America itself. I pray that I am wrong. But if I look at the story in Germany.
      Especially the Hitler Reich:
      Everything started in Germany itself. It did not need any outside help. What came from outside was more like support. And I look at what is going on politically in America now – we should be prepared.
      History repeats itself because man does not learn about what was.

      Don’t trust in Man, trust in the LORD – always!

      God bless you


  4. s

    Sister, come to and visit there for more. Your words get posted there too.

    • Kristina

      Hi sister S,

      Thank you for posting the visions in your blog. I have posted some more visions and messages more in the last days here. Everything about America. One sister asked me to post my visions here at 444 and the Lord told me to do it. So you are asked to warn your brothers and sisters. That’s how it should be.
      Thank you LORD for your great mercy!

      God bless you

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