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3 Dreams / Visions – Jeff Andrews

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3 Dreams / Visions

June 26, 2020 12:47 AM
Jeff Andrews

May 29, 2020

A short vision, walking out of the darkness up to the gates of what my spirit told me was heaven. Had prayed for family, and particularly the very young nieces and nephews a couple of nights before – asking God not to forget them in the coming trial/tribulation. The quick vision I had was walking up to the gates of heaven and seeing a magnificent kingdom on the other side, as the crowd I was with entered. I was holding the hand of a little child which I was unable to confirm, but thought might have been my little nephew. Then the vision stopped. My spirit was elated by what I had seen but also disappointed in that if this was indeed my little nephew then his mother (my sister) should have been with him.

June 10, 2020

Over the course of the night I was given a dream that rocked me to the core….. I was on the top of a tall concrete structure, possibly a dam, there was a concrete blockhouse on top of the structure and I was crouched around the corner of this blockhouse. As I peered around the corner there were two demons hovering around 30-40 feet away. As I moved to get around the corner one would dive down to fight me. The fighting was pretty savage, punching mainly, but I did manage to fight one off – then the other would come down to fight me. This happened on three or four occasions, and while I was eventually successful in forcing them away, I do recall in the spirit suffering from sheer exhaustion and thinking it would have been easier to take these demons on if I had armour and a weapon.

June 25/26, 2020

Got to bed about midnight – sometime just minutes later I had a vision of Angels singing, and with this vision I recall hearing the most beautiful song/music I had ever encountered (it was truly heavenly) but the only words I can now recall were a chorus “Give Glory to God” – I woke up before the music finished and recall being immensely disappointed to not have heard the music in its entirety. I did check to see if I was physically still alive, but was too exhausted to check the surroundings (clock, cellphone, etc) to identify anything of additional significance!

A few minutes later I did get back to sleep God granted me another vision, I was walking out of the darkness towards a light, so bright it was indescribable. I stopped to look around and had this extraordinary vision of a whole lot of people, dressed in robes moving silently towards the light as well. I stepped aside to let those behind me past and then my spirit seemed to understand these were the Saints, and the extraordinary light was God….This was where the vision stopped.

My Comment: Three very different dreams/visions over the period of several weeks. My assessment is that God in his infinite wisdom was giving me confirmation that he does answer prayer as well as boosting my spirits in what was a personally testing couple of months. A warning as well, that as he we head towards the end of this age, Satans attacks will intensify and this is not the time for complacency. Ephesians 6:11 comments that one should put on the “whole” armour of god to stand against the devil – and that’s critical more now than ever.

God Bless You All
Jeff Andrews


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