Dream, Nuclear

3 Dreams: Dark Storm Clouds; EMP/Cities Flattened By Nuclear Weapons – David


3 dreams as of the night of 27 Feb 2019

Not sure of the order when they occurred

First was about being on a school bus. It was just me and the driver. I was seated in the back when I decided to get up and move to the front close and next to the bus driver. Driver reminded me of a bus driver lady I had when I was in middle school. Anyways. I looked back to where I had been sitting before and there was this dark silhouette, it reminded me of my black hoodie but it was like someone was wearing it. I turned around and the bus seemed like it was driving down a mountain with a curvy road. The bus driver was getting frustrated about the damaged guardrails, I looked out and remember seeing these dark grey storm clouds and remember there being a really high up on the mountain coming down. When we finally made our way down there were houses some of i thInk were relative houses that were flattened, some were standing, and I remember the bus driver asking me what happened here. I answered that it’s always been like this then the dream ended.

Second dream:
I was at a VFW chatting with some older vets, I remember one guy asked for some money to build his daughter or daughter in law home, I said sure and gave him a check for $20,000.00. I told him don’t worry about paying me back as I don’t need that money anymore. He thanked me then we got in his truck. I ended up in the back seat he was in the front passenger and someone else was driving. I remember writing a note that said Jesus IS coming and I underlined is three times. I handed him the note, and he’s still talking after he read the note and stopped talking and then I started explaining to him that the time has come. And how there will be some cities flattened by nuclear weapons, and the whole country going dark from the EMP from those weapons. As I looked out there was this bridge going up into the sky with really dark grey storm clouds above it. I got out and looked at what looked like cell towers but they were laying down on the ground and someone pointed to these weird looking devices on them. Then the dream ended.


I was in some kind of chapel with my wife, we were in this really large room with a bunch of other couples waiting to do our vows. The preacher was a hilarious black guy, I forgot what he said, but I remember he was funny. After we waited, we went up did our thing and as we were leaving I remember him saying some kind of joke something about the band being a bunch of middle schoolers and how good they were, and they started playing and it sounded good. My wife reminded me to sign my name in the registration book before we left. I looked for my name and thought there was a mistake because there was someone elsewhere my name was supposed to be. Some random Asian guy from Hawaii, I thought that was strange but signed my name in it above his anyways and that was it.

Time: February 28, 2019 at 9:53 AM


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