Prophecy, Three Days of Darkness

3 Days of Darkness – 278pikelk


October 17, 2013
3 Days of Darkness

I will have mercy on My chosen. My creation has stumbled yet will receive My mercy. Unless they reject Me, they will receive My mercy. Troubles are coming soon, My children. The Feasts pass. Time passes. Many hear in their hearts the cries of the Ruach Ha’Kodesh warning them. We warn again and again. For I must warn, for this is in My word, and this is who I am. I wish for none of My creation to perish. Mankind is My masterpiece, and I know the number of hairs on each man’s head. Many will reject My love. Many will reject these warnings. I will warn right until the day catastrophe strikes your Earth. Many signs have come to pass, but this event that I speak about to My servant will unfold in one hour’s time. I warn you now, be ready for three days of darkness. Prepare yourselves and your families. I have warned of this occurrence to many of My messengers. This is coming, as you see the signs in the sky and in the heavens. Do not take these warnings lightly, but heed them. Even My bride will face some trials, but she shall be shielded from wrath and protected from pain and evil. Keep faith, My bride. So many lost will be leaning on you. I will encase My bride in a protective box. She will glow in a beautiful light. No one will touch My bride, and she will know when her time to shine arrives. The time you spend in My word gives you strength. It is like food to the hungry. Eat now, My children, to sustain yourselves. Eat now. Listen carefully to all the warnings put out by My messengers. Do not be deceived, for it is easy to see who is not professing Yeshua Ha’Mashiach as the only Lord and Savior. Discern in prayer. Many of My messengers are getting their assignments now and putting these warnings out for Me. Be still, My messengers, and listen for My voice. Listen, and I will be your guide.


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