Prophecy, Three Days of Darkness


Prophetic word received by messenger Gwendolen Song
From Jehovah Nissi, April 29, 2015


My dearest children, it is a sad day in My heavenlies as I have had to ramp up the intensity of earthquakes across the earth. As I have had to look down from My Holy throne and make a decree to all the inhabitants of the earth. My children do you not understand the depths of My love for you? Do you not understand the lengths that I have taken to call all of humanity unto Me? I am a loving and a compassionate God. I am also a King. I am not the kind of king that likes his subjects to be running amok trying to destroy peace and tranquility for the rest of the children of God. I am also not a God that likes to see the enemy backing My Holy children into a corner. Are your wedding garments washed in my Sons Holy blood? Are you confessing your sins to one another in order to help each other along the narrow path?It is a good thing to talk to one another about the daily struggles that you incur in your earthly bodies, dear children. It helps others to know that they are not alone. My daughter and her best friends discuss their struggles often and obediently lift each other up in prayer. It is through these sorts of prayer petitions that the King turns His ear and listens. I come to the aid of My Holy children when they cry out to Me and My Son. Please be strong prayer intercessors at this late hour, My dear children. Your loved ones are counting on you. I am also counting on you too. I delivered many dreams to My daughter this morning, My precious Holy children. I delivered one in particular that I want her to share. This is a most serious dream. Within the dream I showed
My daughter the plans of the New World Order. They have tapped into the science that has to do with weather manipulation and they have tapped into using microwaves to produce catastrophic storms. My dear children, I will send dreams to you to also confirm these plans of the enemy if you fast and pray. If you sincerely seek Me and My wisdom on all matters, I will meet with you in your heart and speak to you. I am a God that likes to keep His subjects informed at all times. In the dream, I showed My daughter a series of events that were happening upon the earth. I showed her that she was invited to a most beautiful wedding and I even told her to purchase a gift for her Groom. I showed her purchasing 3 large bowls for a wedding gift, which is symbolic of the 3 days of darkness. I would like all of My Holy children to hear their Creator this day. Please, dear children, gather water and supplies for the upcoming 3 days of darkness. Each of the bowls represents a special outpouring of my goodness to My Holy children. Each day of the 3 days of darkness will represent an outpouring from the Groom’s Father to the children of the earth. Yes, it is true, My Holy children. I am going to pour out gifts unto your laps during the upcoming 3 days of darkness. Each day My Holy children who sought Me and My Son, and prepared themselves for the Wedding Supper of the Lamb will be given special gifts which are likened to a special anointing. I want to see each of My children’s faces when they receive these gifts. My children, it will truly be like Christmas morning for many of you as you have celebrated Christmas throughout your lifetime. As many of you know Santa Claus was a scam from day one. I am the Lord God almighty and what I have in store for My children is eternal bliss and eternal salvation. I will bring each of you into My Son’s bridal chamber and you will consecrate your wedding vows. I am a most delighted Father of the Groom, dear children. A most delighted Father indeed. I also want to take the time to explain to you that within the dream that I delivered to My daughter that I showed her a timeline of events. I did dearest ones. I showed her that the catastrophic world events like tornadoes and tsunamis occur after the 3 days of darkness, after the peace accord is signed. The signing of the peace accord is the first domino to fall that will send the rest of the world spiraling out of control. I have two very strong verses in My Holy word that I have to review with My Holy children this day. First of all, whoever divides My Holy land I will divide theirs. Secondly, do not touch My anointed ones. I am a most serious God when it comes to My anointed children. I do not want to see others tearing them down in private or in public. Serious consequences will occur. Do not think that I do not hear the words spoken in private concerning My precious servants. Do not grieve your Creator Children. Do not harm My anointed servants with your divisive words. I also want to reiterate that whichever countries have participated in dividing My Holy land I will be bringing swift judgments upon them as well. If your governments have participated in any part of the declaration of dividing My Holy real estate, then I am referring to your nations right now. Pray over your leader’s dear children. Pray that they will make wise decisions for the good of all people. It is imperative at this late hour. As long as My children are walking closely to Me I will inform you of the measure to take for these upcoming events. I have sent so many warning through many messengers. Save water, save food, store up candles and matches. Be ready in season and out of season. Be ready for anything. I love you all so very much My precious children.


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