3 Beasts and the Church – Merab Olfert

3 Beasts and the Church

Jan 12, 2020 3:25 AM
Merab Olfert

I had a dream in the early morning hours of October 20th, 2019.

In the first part of this dream I was a spectator.

I was taken to an old brick building plastered with mortar on the surface. The walls of this building were somewhat cracked and broken up in places. The glass in the windows was broken. The building was in a pretty bad shape but still standing strong. I stepped inside. The floor was made of slabs of stone that were jagged and rough. The stone slabs on the floor were not smooth at all and looking at it you could tell that the floor is pretty ancient and has been there for a very long time.

Then I was shown a gathering of people inside this very broken ancient building. These people were sitting inside this building on the stone floor. These people were worshipping. It was a church service in progress. This was a very humble gathering of the believers. Their clothes and apparel clearly showed that they were not a rich church. Also, the people sat on the floor to worship. There were no pews or chairs or benches which we normally see in the modern day churches.

Then I was taken to another room. This room was behind the main room where the church gathered to worship every week.

When I stepped into this backroom a voice spoke to me saying – this is where Yeshua spoke to Lazarus to come out of his tomb, this is where Lazarus was called to life. Then I realized that this was infact that cave-tomb where Lazarus lay once upon a time.
I came back out to the room where the church was in progress and a man spoke to me saying – “This church gathers here every week, week after week, in spite of the persecution. Yes, they come back each week like this even though they are driven out each week.”

Then I looked around the room and noticed there was a certain double door on the wall straight in front of me. This door had an old style huge iron padlock on it. I looked at the door and knew that this is where they stored their food to cook and serve to the community after the church service is over.
Next, I noticed that the lock on that door suddenly unlocked on its own, the doors swung open towards the outside and I saw 3 strange looking beasts standing in the door.

They wasted no time and they charged into the gathering of the worshippers. I saw the worshippers fleeing and running out of this church soon as the three beasts came out from behind the doors. The worshippers fled out of which ever door they could get out of the fastest. They were fleeing for their lives. In less than 2 minutes the place was empty.
When I saw the three beasts charge at the gathering I stepped away from them and stepped into the cave-tomb behind the church and I stood there by the door.

Suddenly after the church was emptied out, one beast came upto me and stood right in front of me. He looked like a gigantic porcupine who could easily swallow up 5 ft tall humans. He looked hidious and he could talk like us humans. Now the other two beasts also looked somewhat similar and yet quite a bit different from this beast. All three beasts’ stature was like close to earth but still pretty gigantic.

The main beast that stood before me looked at me to let me know that he had noticed me and then said – “This place is mine. I own it.” He was trying to intimidate me to leave the place.

I said – “No, it’s not. It’s Yahovah’s. Lazarus was brought to life here by Yashua. He is worshipped here.”

Saying so I took a step towards him.
He took a step back and said – “You shouldn’t be here.”

I took a step forward and said – “I am not leaving this place.”

They kept intimidating and I kept stepping up to them. I noticed that they never tried to charge at me or attack me even once. They just warned and threatened with words the whole time. Finally I said, “You can’t move me from here and if you were able then you would not waste your time arguing with me. Instead you would have simply attacked me and chased me out of here. I am not going anywhere out of this place. It belongs to Yahovah and I will stay here being His worshipper.”

The main beast out of the 3 finally said – “We are leaving but we are not done.”

After this they left the building and I saw them walk out through the main door. They did not go back into the store house of bread and food for the congregation.

Now it was afternoon and I was still in the house of worship. I didn’t want to leave it at all. I looked around, I was alone and I found a cot made of jute rope laying beside one wall inside the room where the gathering met. I thought, I’m tired, I could use some rest. Easy thing was to just go home and sleep but I didn’t want to leave the house of Yahovah Father for I suspected those three beasts to come back into that place. If they came back, I was determined to drive them out of that place. I didn’t like the way they claimed that the place belonged to them. Clearly it belonged to Yahovah and his worshippers because they hoped in the coming resurrection through Yashua who was their salvation.

Anyways, I laid down on this cot and pulled a thin blanket over my face and slept. Sometime went by and I realized a hard grip on my left hand. Then I felt a hard pull on my left hand but no pain. I was so tired I didn’t want to get up and look at what was going on. I lifted up my left hand to shake off whatever it was that was trying to grab my left hand. It seemed like something small to me. After trying to shake it off a few times the thing was still holding on to my left hand. Now I was quite annoyed with whatever it was because now it had woken me up from my rest time.

I pulled the blanket away from my face and with a loud angry voice I said – “What do you want?”
Then as I opened my eyes I saw a 4th beast. This one was sent to me by the other three who were driven out of this place of worship. This 4th beast looked like a “gigantic hedgehog”, about 3-4 feet tall and very heavy. He had sharp teeth and he had my left hand in his mouth very securely. I knew if I tried to pull my hand out of his mouth I would just hurt myself and chances are maybe my hand or my entire arm will get ripped off.

So keeping the hand in his mouth, I made a fist in his mouth and said – “Now you will regret ever putting my hand in your mouth. In the name of Yahovah!!!!” And with that I lifted up this beast, off the stone floor with my hand in its mouth and hit him hard on the stone floor with his back down. I saw the shock it gave to his body. Nevertheless he gripped my hand from a different angle this time and so I clenched a fist in his mouth again and saying, “In the name of Yahovah”, I smashed him pretty hard upon that stone floor. I swung him left to right and smashed his back onto that stone floor with my left hand in his mouth repeatedly. I counted that I did so 7 times. After being slammed on to the floor the 7th time he let go of my hand and rapidly turned around to flee. As he turned around to flee, I noticed its tail brushed on my arm and left a little mark on my forearm. I felt no pain, no hurt and there was no wound nor any bleeding. Just a little red mark or bruise on my left arm showing I fought with this beast.

I know Yahovah Father himself was my strength to fight the beasts in my dream. I couldn’t have done that on my own. Also he used my weak arm to slam down the enemy onto the floor.

The floor – made of solid, jagged rock was my weapon – Yeshua is the Rock on which the wise build their house (and also beat the enemy to pulp when need be – smile).

Storehouse of food and bread was the place of hiding for the beasts who attacked the worshippers. Be alert! Be alert! Be alert! Study the scriptures at the feet of Yashua who is Word / Scripture himself. He said – You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. I saw everyone flee that church, every single one. The beasts charged at them and drove them out of the place of worship. I was told that this happens every week, week after week. Week after week they gather there to worship and are persecuted and driven out this way. Remember the warning – the beasts came out of the storehouse of bread. Our bread is supposed to be the Word of Yahovah Father that is Yashua himself but it’s time to review the storehouse of bread – the theology. Theology of man and the 3 Beasts have a deeper connection. Study the true Word of the Father please. Ask for the truth and you shall find it. I pray we all find it. It is my prayer for myself as well.
My arm had a little red bruise on it at the end – It’s a reminder to me that I can not fight these beasts on my own in my human strength but The Father himself is my strength and my shield. In Him I trust and in Him alone I can win. All glory, praise and honour to King of Kings – Yahovah and to His Son (our salvation) Yashua.

Merab Olfert

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  1. Melinda


  2. Casey Ellis

    Wow! I have to tell what was happening to me that very day as it parallels the battle you were fighting in the dream.
    Oct 20 was the last day of the feast of booths. John 7:37-8:59 also happened at the climax of this feast.
    This year before this 7 day feast began the Lord reveal detailed instructions on the spiritual warfare I was to engage in during the feast.
    Joshua 6 – The fall of Jericho
    I was to sound the shofar (via a YouTube video) as I went around each room in my house praying and proclaiming victory for my family once a day the first 6 days. Then on the 7th day go around 7 times and at the end of the 7th time give the mightiest shout I could muster.
    The Holy Spirit led me each day through the warfare and on Oct 20 I went around 7 times.
    God Bless!!

  3. It’s obvious that the enemy is fighting the true word of God, and he is against the believers who are preaching this word.

    We shouldn’t be relaxed but put on the whole armour of God.

    For when we are relaxed the enemy has the opportunity to strike.

    Prayer can never be too much, we should pray always and study he word of God always, and hold tight to the right doctrines.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Susan Elizabeth

    Alleluia powerful strategic awareness dream to warm and arm us all. Thank you for being faithful and caring enough to share.

    I too am in deep prayer and dating and intercession for the TRUTH in all His Words in Scripture. John 17 Unity is my heartcry right now for myself and all of us.

    We need to finally all come to the unity of The Faith in this hour to stand firmly as one against the enemy to protect and save others.

    Please, to all who read this, be in prayer and fasting for the John 17 Unity to finally come as is spoken of in Joel 2 so we will no longer break rank and fight amoungst ourselves.

    I love you all so very much.


  5. Susan Elizabeth


    Prayer and *fasting*

    Auto-correct always has something different to say.

  6. Wow @ Susan, some days ago I as really praying and and asking God what is happening, when will the unity he spoke about in John 18 happen?

    Because I still see many misunderstandings among the so called Christians.

    Many false doctrines, many different doctrines.

    My question was when are going to have one Lord, one baptism, one faith and one doctrine.

    Yes I know that there is never a day that all Christians will unite and become one, that will only happen in Ecumenism, but the children of God are not supposed to be part of that Ecumenical movement, they’re not uniting in the right doctrine, they’re uniting in the wrong doctrine which is dangerous.

    We should pray for God’s true children to be united in the true doctrine, Satan has so much infiltrated our doctrines.

    May God gather his children together under one banner( not physical building church)

    But under one true doctrine of the bible and the bible alone.

  7. Maria

    Powerful message, I have had many dreams were I scared the evil away PLEADING THE BLOOD OF JESUS as long as it takes for it to go away…also, yes, there is power in the name of JESUS…To HIM be the glory!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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