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3/1/18 Vision in a dream : WAR IS COMING (SURPRISE ATTACK) – Limelight Rain

By Limelight Rain

3/1/18 Vision in a dream : WAR IS COMING (SURPRISE ATTACK)

Oh Lord, guide my hand and make my hand Your hand, my heart Your Heart, and my mind Your mind for I alone don’t know how to express the terror of the war you have shown me. Amen.

It was a typical day in my dream. My ex BF wanted to get back together with me. But I was treating him like one of my friends. No one has been taking care of him and he stinks, he has body odor. I asked him, why he is not taking care anymore his health and why he has body odor and he looked thin too. He ignored my question. Instead he asked if we could get back together. He promised that he will love me the way I was supposed to be loved. I told my friend, tell him no I cannot go back anymore to him. Then as my guy friend talked to him, I went into a meeting with my brother Bong. As we were in the middle of discussion, the room becomes transparent and we saw a surprise attack of the enemy from the shores. I saw war tanks so many and an inland and water tanks. Then we just declare emergency. Nobody was prepared. So we run and run to where we can never be caught. All people were in panic. We went to the rooms and halls but they were so fast! I could see they put like something on the floor that would poison or kill people if u will smell them. I saw demons on their frontline. My brother Bong wanted to slow down the enemy for people to escape. His spirit got bigger throwing stuff so fast at them. But he later ran out of those stuff he was throwing. So run he went. As there was set up for the enemy but they overcome those traps. Off they forward and they were catching us. People running everywhere but dont know where to go. All were in terror. And every forward of the enemy, they leave the stuff that kills as they were having a masks. Every road and room all you can see were the stuffed they put on the floor. We were hiding on the walls and run we went to find our car. One of the enemies caught my hand but had released me for no reason. So I run again went to my brother. We were all in the parking lot and we don’t know what to do because all of our cars gone. I saw people in panic and they don’t know what to do now because the enemy has stolen those cars. Others working inside the country and others were approaching. We were all doomed. No where to go. Then the dream continued in a different scenario. It was like the scene changed, time has stopped and return to where I was with my dad and mom. It was like the time was turn back to give us another chance to prepare . I was telling my parents mom dad, lets go! Out from here. Maybe God has a warning to me, there is only little time left. You got to listen to me. I was shown that instance so we could prepare. Then my mom answered okay pack ur things we are going. Then the wind blow. There’s something in that wind thats telling me war is coming you need to go now! So I said to mom we need to go. I went to my closet and grab a dress that I have never worn for a long time it was a striped dark blue and white. I said this is good already. Then my mom said, ur dad wont let me. I said we need to leave. I saw my dad talking to some guy about my vision. But I know mom wanted to go. They packed their bags still but they went to a bus where its not nonstop and drop by with some places. While me and my daughter we went to a bus thats going straight. The bus was packed and I was standing and let my daughter sit. Then the scenario changed. I was given 7 circled fruits. The color is yellow. The owner said, you have to roll those fruits and everything u roll on the items were yours until the fruits vanished. I was given 3 – 5 mins. I rolled the fruits without lifting it up and it diminished the size as I roll. I touched a lot of books items on the shelves. Then the scenery changed into like a party but I am still continuing touching everything I want. I saw a table so long then there were people sitting on that table and theres like a feasting I saw theres a decoration. That’s when I saw sis Anna wearing a beautiful tiara made of white flowers and she was guiding me to pick the entrance gate. So I touched the entrance bamboo decorated with white flowers. Then I touched the plants and some items. They wanted me to touch the TV screens and big items. They were smiling as it was my biggest privilege. I was still continuing to touch but woke up due to my alarm. I never remember my dream until it was replayed to me very clearly. I asked And prayed to God, what is His message today as He lets me remember it clearly, to direct me on His words or talk to me through His words. This is what the Holy Spirit guided me. Isaiah 13! I said oh no LORD have mercy. 😭 As I was crying and reading what He is saying, I saw my dream coming true. Then Isaiah 14! I can’t help but cry to the MOST HIGH! Oh GOD many are still sleeping, they are still busy trying to build their career, their hopes and dreams. How can I reach out to them? I am alone. I encourage everyone on my friend lists. Get ur household ready. Warn your family . Get right back with GOD with all your mind, soul and heart. That nothing in this world can satisfy you anymore but God. These things here on earth will be nothing!!!! As God said on Isaiah 13:9 Behold the day of the Lord comes Cruel with both wrath and fierce anger to lay the land desolate and he will destroy sinners from it. In Isaiah 13:12 that He will make mortal rare than gold. They will have no pity on the fruit of the womb, their eye will not spare children. -Isaiah 13:18-19 Oh Daddy have mercy😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🌈🏹 To GOD be the Glory🙌🙌🙌


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