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2nd Warning of Tsunami to Hit Waikiki, Hawaii – Sharlene Reimer


2nd Warning of Tsunami to Hit Waikiki, Hawaii

Vision #269 Feb 16/21 tues evg
February 17, 2021 9:22 PM
Sharlene Reimer

I was singing and praising the Lord in His Throne Room. Coming to worship in gladness and thankfulness changes the atmosphere, changes my heart posture and creates joy.  It takes the focus off me and places it onto Jesus where it belongs and it gives Him glory.  Before I began to pray and proclaiming Ps 91, I was in my armour helping others up the last section of the mountain before the top. I met my eagle and we were off.

I found myself facing a demonic cloud or swirl. I asked Jesus if I should battle and He told to keep going. So I went through the top of the “demonic cloud or swirl using my sword in a quick charge to get through it and noticed my angel, who was to my right, was battling through it with me. I kept going proclaiming the psalm. Then I found myself standing on a beach with the ocean to my left and the city to my right. I recognized the buildings and the beach. Suddenly, a huge wave came over me and forcefully went into the city. I saw a young boy running away from the wave and I knew he wouldn’t make it so I pleaded quickly and asked an angel to pick him up. An angel did just that and brought him safely onto higher ground. I did not see anyone else but that doesn’t mean there weren’t other people there. My focus was on this young boy and his safety. I blessed him before I left. I didn’t see what came of him after that.

Back at the white bench, I asked Jesus about the familiar beach. I recognized it as Waikiki Beach, Oahu Hawaii, USA as I’ve seen a previous vision about the coming tsunami wave in #71. There is also a tsunami wave to hit Lihue Kauai, Hawaii as well in vision #236. I asked Jesus if it’s because of the same earthquake and He replied: Yes, daughter.”  I thought prayer changes things and I had asked if hearts had changed there because of Covid and He said: “There were some changes but not enough. It will take a disaster like a tsunami wave to wake people up.” It is set then as it’s the second warning? “Yes daughter, replied Jesus, it is set.” Oh sigh.  I went to the vision area.

I went down the stairs, greeted my greeter group and walked over to where the others have already gathered. The screen opened up to see an ocean floor. I was underwater and I watched the bottom suddenly shifted and split open and the crack continued a ways from me like dominos. I understood that this is the earthquake that causes the tsunami wave to hit Hawaii. What is the message, Jesus?

 “Repent and return to Me! Come out of your idolatry and be reconciled to the only God who hears you and loves you.”


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