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2nd Warning Of Earthquake Causing Rockslide In BC, Canada R/T Volcanic Eruption – Sharlene Reimer


2nd Warning Of Earthquake Causing Rockslide In BC, Canada R/T Volcanic Eruption

Vision #332

November 24, 2021 11:01 AM
Sharlene Reimer

Nov 22/21 Mon evg.

2nd Warning Of Earthquake Causing Rockslide In BC, Canada R/T Volcanic Eruption

I want to say something about the time frame about Trump’s return. I have had several people ask me now if his return is the end of this year Dec 31/21 or possibly the end of Biden’s term year which would be Jan 20 2022. I thought about that and asked Jesus and He said, “Either way, Trump will be back.” He didn’t give me a confirmation on either date. It will be when God said it will be, which is always in His timing. I will keep praying, watching and waiting. (I sure hope it’s the end of Dec/21! The sooner the better.)

I was worshiping and praising the Lord Jesus using my ribbon once again. I saw myself as a dancer praising the Lord in the Throne Room and my ribbon created ripples of shimmer as it moved in the air. I understood that the atmosphere was opening. I began to pray and with that came a sudden unexpected pressure of feeling overwhelmed with all that I had to pray for. I found myself crying and struggling with such an urge to quit. I was entertaining thoughts that I don’t know how to pray for everything, I don’t know the strategies so how can I be an effective prayer warrior, just stop and give up etc. There was a strong hindering, oppressive spirit attacking me to give up. I asked Jesus for help. I heard: “Daughter, rebuke the enemy and pray your heart.” So I stopped my emotional outburst, rebuked the enemy and attempted to continue to pray. I managed to push through. Anyone else experiencing oppression to give up?

When I got to the mountain, I saw myself walking beside Jesus on that road that I had seen in the previous vision (#331) with the warriors on their white horses, walking towards the mountain. But this time it was only Jesus and me. I was on His left as our horses were closely following behind us. I noticed Jesus was talking to me but I couldn’t hear what He was saying. I did understand that it was encouraging as He was smiling at me and being so gentle. I had such peace. He walked me to the base of the mountain and I joined the others there as we navigated the climb. We reached the top, found our eagles and off I went while proclaiming Ps 91.

I came to a mountain and river with evergreen trees. Then I saw the end of a train traveling along the side of the mountain. My perspective was seeing it from the end and slightly above it. As I was looking for the front of the short train, I noticed a huge rock slide come tumbling down from my right side. I couldn’t tell if it covered the front of some of the cars or not. I saw the rocks continue to spill past the tracks and down the side. I don’t think the valley below was very far away. Then I got a side perspective of the train and rockslide. I could see that the train was not long and that some of the cars were covered by the rocks.

Back at the white bench, I asked Jesus to confirm that I’ve seen something very similar in a previous vision and He replied, “Yes, daughter, you have.” #280. I asked what caused the rockslide and Jesus replied, “An earthquake.” I understood there will be some death. I pray that those on the train will have an encounter with Jesus and choose Him before they die. Sigh. I went to see a vision.

I went down the stairs, greeted my greeter group and went to the area where the others had already gathered. The scene opened up to that same mountain where the rockslide occurred but I was in the air looking down from above the top of the mountain, like I was straddling it so I could see on either side. On my right was the rockslide. I looked slightly to my left and into the far distance of a mountain range and I saw a plumage of smoke rising into the air- much like a volcano eruption. I asked Jesus if this is a volcano and He replied, “Yes, it’s a volcano.” The volcano eruption caused the earthquake? And Jesus replied, “Yes, daughter.” It reminded me of the volcano that erupts near the Canadian BC/Alberta border area that I’ve seen in previous visions. #57, #58, #252. I asked Jesus if it’s the same one and He replied, “Yes, daughter, it is.” So the volcanic eruption causes the earthquake and Jesus replied. “That’s correct.” What is the message? Jesus said:

“I continue to cause calamities to wake up the people. Here Me when I say, it is I, the Lord who allows the disasters. It is not climate change! That is the lie from the enemy. I want the people to understand My everlasting love for them; I love them with all that I Am. I Am calling; open up your ears and hear Me calling! I desire you to repent and return to Me.”

The Lord’s Word reminded me of a 90’s song by Michael W Smith- I’ll Lead You Home https://youtu.be/qy-qyagnaRI

Jesus said, “I Am the Way the Truth and the Life! No one can come to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6 He is the only One that can lead you home. Hear Him calling! Amen. Blessings to you all.




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