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2nd Dream: ALIEN/DEMON INVASION – Darren Mc Clinton

Darren Mc Clinton

Wednesday March 28, 2018


This morning at 5:35 am I woke up from a dream of me riding a bike at nighttime when an overcast sky was lighting up like lightning when I looked up, then a full moon was seen in one area of the sky that appeared unusually darkened with strange two smaller moons right next to it. It was then I seen from the bottom a disk shaped circular object slowly descending down to the ground where the edges of it covered the entire sky until not one part of it could be seen anymore…When this occurred a thick black exhaust fell from it and covered the entire area where you could not see anything in front of you. This is when I awakened.

This is the second dream of this type I have had within a three week time frame in which I believe these things are about to imminently happen for a worldwide mass deception to support a One World Religion dealing with Fallen Angels that disguised themselves as Aliens. Get saved(John 3:7) and be ready…


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