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21 Dreams & Words from God – Judy Motta

By Judy Motta

Dreams & words from God
MONDAY, APRIL 17, 2017

4/3/16 – Dream – A giant reptile-like “monster” burst through the water unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Everyone was screaming as they watched in shock. It came out of the water and climbed onto the rocks at the water’s edge. The next thing I saw was a huge fast bus – aggressive and moving with such speed as it spun around to show its force and who they were. There were three names on three sides of the bus – one said —— Confederation (I think it may have been China??? – not sure). Another I can’t remember, but on one side it was clearly written: IRAN. The bus came to our building and climbed FAST up our stairs above the third level. We were in a small town next to the water.
4/17/16 – Dream – My husband and I were at the hospital standing in line for our “rapture cards”. There was a nurse at the door and she said (sarcastically) “Tell me about those rapture cards”. I said “OK I’ll tell you about the rapture cards! Don’t take the mark of the beast!”. I moved into the cafeteria and I was yelling “Don’t take the mark of the beast!”. Nobody was paying attention to me at all, except for one guy. He said “I’m listening.” I said “OK, whatever you do, don’t take the mark of the beast!” He said he had a “pet sin” he wasn’t willing to give up. I told him he would have to die for his faith after the rapture during the Tribulation. I looked up and saw the weatherman on TV saying there was a “blue moon”. I looked up at the sky and saw a waxing crescent moon, and started to float up, realizing it was now too late to warn anyone else.
5/8/16 – Dream – Niburu dream – It’s true that “they” are trying to hid Niburu as long as they can because it is so HUGE and people will panic when it is revealed to them I saw it. It looks like a planet from the north end of the Walmart parking lot looking south. You kind of have to squint your eyes. It’s easy to miss, because it’s so HUGE and you’re not expecting that. NASA confirmed it, and it was announced on TV. My husband and I were hiding from the militia on top of our van. Many had know about it, and were preparing. Jewelry stores had been stocking up on jewelry.
5/24/16 – Dream – Day of the Lord. “Solar flares” (actually nuke strikes). My husband and I were together, but we were in Seattle for one day. The city was totally shut down. There was NO way to get out. We said that we never go to Seattle, so it must be God’s will we were there. There were multiple strikes. LOUD, and after this nothing will be the same. When the “flares” happen I hit the floor immediately and covered because I was expecting this and knew what it was. Nothing will be the same now.
5/27/16 – Dream – My husband says “OK, well at least now we are prepared.” I woke up and looked at the clock and it was 9:11. 6/2/16 – Dream – Heard “911” on the radio.
6/6/16 – Dream – A “new age” girl asks me (at the movies) when my birthday is. I tell her I don’t follow astrology at all whatsoever. She takes Jesus’ name in vain and I think I will witness to her. She noticed that my husband and I wear crosses. My husband tells me someone he knows is a powerful witch. Very powerful. I said “You can’t fight fire with fire – fight fire with water – forgive to reverse the curse.”
7/6/16 – Dream – Big front page news: “Full moon/Gay Pastor”. It’s so obvious now. The signs are everywhere that Jesus is coming!! But it’s not obvious to people who are reading this newspaper or TV channel, etc. The President is sitting in front of me in a folding chair (he’s part of my family). The conference we are at is about the Antichrist. He is smirking and he turns around and looks right at me in the eyes. I know (and he knows) it’s HIM.
7/24/16 – Dream – I heard the name of a city in Eastern Washington – “Valley”. When I woke up, I wondered if it was a “safe place”?
7/26/16 – Dream – The government had a big book with all of my history – pictures, vdeos of everything I ever did. They were accusing me of horrible behavior at a part with my old boss and his wife. I thought it was so weird that they could video everything!
8/12/16 – Dream – We were on top of a hill @ Mary’s Mom’s house (but it was on Maui). We were hanging out on the front porch when we saw Honolulu being hit by a nuke in the sky. We could see buildings falling like what happened on 911, and people running and bloody. I saw the skyline and knew it as Honolulu. It happened on a Wednesday. My husband and I were together, and we were thankful, because we had prayed we would be together if anything disastrous happened. People were in shock and denial. I knew there was hope, because Jesus was coming. I went to a mall and tried to tell people, but no one could hear me. One lady all dressed up heard me, but she shooed me away. On the bus were a couple I knew from high school. They looked worried about their kids. I tried to call my Mom and Step-dad, but the phone was warped from radiation. I finally got through, and she didn’t know what happened. It wasn’t really on the news, or it was sketchy. Honolulu was nuked on a Wednesday and they had hit it because they said it was America’s “crown jewel”.
8/20/16 – I received the word “precipice” in prayer. I also heard the words :God is a consuming fire” and Isaiah 46.
9/9/16 – Dream – I saw low flying LOUD planes overhead – really low and frightening. Then I looked to the right and saw it was a train leaving. I could see the caboose.
9/10/16 – Dream – I woke up suddenly @ 3:33 AM I am asking Jesus what this means?
9/22/16 – Dream – The airplane left without me and my husband. We weren’t ready. We had missed it twice before. We had been trying to pack (and get rid of stuff), so we could go to Paradise/Hawaii. The third time was our last chance, and we weren’t ready. I realized that if I had just spent a little time each day getting ready I would have made it. So sad.
9/28/16 – Dream – I was talking to a man and his wife in the grocery store about receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit! They were excited! My Mom was thinking I should leave people alone (I said lol).
11/16/16 – Dream – I saw the twin towers being blown up twice. Then I saw the Capitol building blowing up. I was saying “No, no, no…”. I was covered in pig entrails. I saw a wall of fire and I “knew” all that was on fire was absolutely gone. I saw a map of the U.S. and earthquakes that had affected the whole country. I was a rainbow that was “charged” which caught me up in it and I was transformed.
2/10/17 – The Holy Spirit is nudging me all day to spend more time with Him!!!
2/12/17 – Dream – “Nibiru” – The sky was dark during the day. I could see two moons, one bigger than the other on the horizon. I brought my friend outside to see them and she could. I told her I didn’t want her to think I was crazy, but Niburu is coming to earth. She said she checked her email earlier, and three people were talking about it today. I was so relieved she didn’t think I was crazy! I said “So you know about it?” and she said yes. Then I told her we all had to REPENT because Niburu was the Destroyer. It was why all the earth changes were happening (volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, etc.). She said she didn’t want to repent. I said “You have to!”. I told her we all needed to be covered by the blood of the Lamb to be saved. She said she wasn’t going to repent (and then I knew why God had told me she wasn’t going to make it “over there” years ago when I lived on Kauai). I asked her why she wouldn’t repent, and she cited a couple of gurus and what they had said. I then took my Mom outside to see the moons. She couldn’t see them (and didn’t want to). I was begging her to please stop and look, and please see them, and she finally did. She was very upset when she saw them in the sky. I told her about Niburu, and I told her my friend could see them too. I told her there were going to be 4 moons total, and that Niburu was coming, and that it was the Destroyer. She was trying to go into denial about the whole thing. I was saying we had all been lied to, and that “they” had known about it the whole time. I told her we all needed to REPENT and turn from our sins. I told her we all needed to be covered by the blood of the Lamb (Jesus). I was so happy and relieved that my Mom and my friend didn’t think I was crazy. Mom and I started walking, and we came to a cafeteria where there was a group of ladies sitting. I told Mom I was going to start warning people, and I was going to start with this table of ladies. I went over and scrunched down to be at eye level with them and made direct eye contact, and asked them if they had noticed it was dark outside during the day. They were listening because they could see I was sincere, and so intense (almost crying) as I tried to warn them. One of them said someone from their office (female) knew about Nibiru. I said that was great, and they should listen to her. I wrote on a piece of paper “Niburu” and told them all to GOOGLE it. A tall young man from the table next to them tapped me on the shoulder and pointed out the window. There were two moons in the sky on the horizon. I realized there were people who did know about it, and that made me happy. I also realized that everything God had shown me was true, and I wasn’t going to doubt it anymore. I knew that it was my job to warn people from here on out, and I felt supernaturally strong by the power of the Holy Spirit. My husband was supportive, and this was my job and my RESPONSIBILITY.
3/10/17 – Dream – My old boss told me there was bad news on TV. A lot of us were getting on a cruise boat. We were all excited because the cruise was free! But right before we boarded, there was an announcement that it was a Christian cruise. A lot of people left immediately, but my Mom and Step-dad stayed.
3/20/17 – Dream – A Bride in the Woods! I was at work, and I looked out the window and I saw a beautiful tall brunette bride with a bouquet of flowers walking toward me out of the woods! There was a photographer and a few other people there when she came out. When I saw her, I knew it was a HUGE confirmation that the Bride of Christ was about to get married!! I also knew in the dream that “Bride in the Woods” was the name of a perfume, and that the store I was working in sold perfume. So I went to talk to the model (the bride) about their perfume. I asked her how they came up with the name for their perfume, and she told me (I can’t remember) and then I said I wanted to tell her why I almost fell off my chair when I saw her come out of the woods. I told her Jesus has a bride who is hidden away (like in the woods or wilderness), and that He is coming back to marry her and take her to heaven. She said she was from Scandinavia and had never heard of Jesus. Then I told her to come closer, and I whispered in her ear, “It’s like a fairy tale, but it’s true!! Many people believe it, and I know it’s true! All you have to do to become a bride is ask Jesus to forgive your sins and invite Him into your heart.” She looked at me wide eyed and I said “That’s it! It’s simple! Then you are open to an entirely different dimension and you receive eternal life.” She was very receptive, but then her girlfriend came along and she said sadly, ” I don’t think my friend would go along with this.” I woke up.
4/16/17 – Dream – I saw the blue moon again! Confirmation of the rapture!

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