2024 will be the year to cry out for mercy – M. Martins

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2024 will be the year to cry out for mercy

November 18, 2023 8:56 AM
M. Martins

I would like to report a dream I had in:
October 20, 2023

I dreamed that I went to my neighbor’s yard to pick apples, this had been a custom for a long time because we were very close friends and we had the freedom to enter each other’s property. This apple tree has always been very productive, always with lots of sweet apples. But that day that I went there I was in shock because the apple tree was dry, as if lifeless and without any leaves on its branches. Then I saw that there were 3 apples, 1 was very high and the other 2 were on lower branches. So I climbed the apple tree to get the one that was highest, below there were other people who also went there to get apples and there were many children playing and trying to get apples. When they saw me go up to get the apple they also went up to get the other 2 that were left! I took the apple and got down from the tree. When I watched all the effort they made to get the apple I started to eat mine, Half of the apple was very sweet and juicy but when I started to eat the other half it was dry, without juice and without flavor, and I I didn’t want to eat it. When suddenly, the branch that the children were trying to get the other 2 apples broke and the children got down scared and suddenly the whole apple tree fell, I was scared because no one tried to knock it down, but it seemed like a force came and knocked it down. That was when the root started to come out. Everyone around was scared and ran away scared and I was very scared.

I’m from Brazil but I’ve lived in America for a few years, I love America and my American brothers, but you have warned me about difficult times that are coming for this country, because many are rejecting God and blaspheming his holiness! I believe that the fact that I left my house and went to the neighbor to get apples could be due to the fact that I left Brazil and came to America. But God’s judgment will come upon the mighty America. I invite the brothers to pray and intercede for this nation as much as for Brazil. May we repent of our sins, abandon idols, abandon carnal passions, sexual sins and pagan practices. We must sanctify ourselves to God. 2024 will be the year to cry out for mercy because difficult times are coming. Rest in the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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