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2023 The Year of Release

January 2, 2023 8:17 PM

Received 1/1/2023

The year 2023. The year of my children. The year of release. The year of recompense. The year of blessing. The year of holiness to Me. The year of squandering, wickedness. Much darkness. A blanket of thick darkness surrounds.

I will be a beacon of light throughout the world, through my children. 2023 the year of My children. I will raise them up. They will stand, they will stand in glory. They will stand in Me. I AM the Lord God.

My hand shall sweep mightily across the land, across this people. Some will rise, some will fall. Some will shrink back. Some will call.

Now begins the rise and fall. The rise of those whom I call. The fall of those who refuse the call. As darkness separates from light, my chosen will now take flight.

Hear Me now, hear My cry. What is this coming from the sky? A trumpet sounds, a dark cloud released.
Is this the separation of the wheat?

2023, the year of recompense. The year of change. The year of those who know My name.
will there be fruit found on your vine? Will I say to the Father, yes this one is Mine?

Rend your heats, not your cloak. You say you are mine. You say you know Me. Search your heart, search your soul. Are you truly mine, do you know? Many say they are mine, but My Father they do not know.

This year I will squeeze the hearts of My people. I will place them in the winepress of testing. Will I find love? Faith? Forgiveness? Out of many hearts pour out darkness and fear, out of few hearts pour out love and tears.

Can you feel the burning in your hearts? Can you sense My nearness? Can you feel the pressing of My heart to yours? I am inscribing My name on the hearts of My elect. My Father has etched the names of His children on the palms of His hands.


Thank you,
God bless

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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