2020: More of the same – T Spooner

2020: More of the same

Dec 24 2019 8:47 AM
T Spooner


Dream…Dec 24, 2019

Had a short dream this morning about reading a newspaper. I was reading an article about some sort of opinion piece in bc. Not about the quakes we had there the other day tho. It was about the overall feelings and uncertainties, and how uneasy people felt about the year. Then I read about 2020 and how the millenials will be able to cope with what is coming. It gave me a bit of encouragement. 2020 felt like more of the same as 2019 too somehow. End of dream.

My eyesight is a bit blurry this morning so am having a hard time seeing to
type this. Anyways….
Wishing everybody a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Jesus is the
reason for the season.


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