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2020 Dream About The Jab – MountainServant

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2020 Dream About The Jab

July 17, 2023 11:02 AM

This is a vision my wife received on 11-23-2020.
You may use the name mountainservant if you like.
God bless you for sharing what God has shown to people.

In 2020, I had a dream about the near future C19 jab. I was in a room at the doctor’s office when a nurse with a tray with the vials came in. She tried to get me to take them, but I wasn’t interested. At one point, I was looking around the room as we were talking, and she took it upon herself to jab my arm without my permission. I quickly looked at my arm
and at her and asked her, What have you done? Do you not realize what you have done to me? I could tell that she really thought that she was helping me somehow by jabbing me. Next thing I knew, I was able to actually see the changes in my body and in my DNA. I saw my eyes turn black, like the soul had gone completely out of them. Then I saw pieces
being stripped and changed from my DNA. I felt as if the ability to be a believer in God was somehow removed, which was the scariest part; it was like I was becoming a husk. After I saw the changes in me, I knew that all along I was right about how evil a future jab for C19 would be, so that reinforced my feelings on it. Then the dream switched, and I
somehow went back in time, before the nurse jabbed me without my permission. I believe that I knocked the tray over to break the vials. I eventually woke up. I have never worn the face diapers, taken the jabs, or taken the brain-scraping swab. I will never comply.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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