January 2, 2019

I am a pastor in Illinois. This is the first time I have every written a prophetic word, I have delivered them before, but never written one. The Lord gave me this yesterday. Please pray about it and let me know if it agrees with your spirit.

2019 will be a year marked by blood. The Lord says that the term blood has been removed from the vocabulary of the modern Church, and that many are offended at His words. Just as the Lord’s followers abandoned Him at the mention of blood, there will be some who can not accept this Word. The Lord says He has sent warnings in the skies, in the seas, and on land of the coming turmoil, He has warned in every way, yet many deny the day that is upon us, they continue to prophesy prosperity when it is the prosperity that has blinded the eyes of His Church. The world will be shocked at what will in happen in the coming eighteen months.

Blood will pour out of financial markets in the next 18 months. News commentators will even use the term blood letting, bleed, and blood flowing on the street as they watch in amazement at the markets liquidation. The Lord says He is striking down every false idol, the bull on Wall Street will be removed. Just as He crushed Israel’s idols, He will melt America’s.

The streets of cities across America will flow with the blood of it’s citizens. The people are throwing off all restraint, and over the next months those whose hope that is not anchored in Christ will turn to violence. With a sense of desperation people will spill one another’s blood with the goal of creating peace. Police departments will be overwhelmed, and will stand aside. This will be such a divisive time some will liken it to a Civil War.

These protests will spread across the world like a virus. Turmoil and desperation will cause some nations to declare military rule. The blood spilling in the streets will be opposed with more blood. Overwhelming force will be used. Scenes so shocking live broadcasts will be stopped midstream.

The political world will witness a massive shaking. Long held secrets will be revealed, both right and left will be exposed. Politicians will be out for blood, not caring what the consequences for the nation are. The Lord says to look to Him, He alone is truth. The true Church will rise up, but those hoping to repair the damage through politicians will be silenced.

Diseases of the blood will be in the news. Ebola and new a disease the world has not seen will shake nations divided by the seas. Fear will cripple travel, flights will be turned around midstream, and people will jump from ships from panic.

President Trump is in the valley of decision. While the Lord says President Trump has been a friend to the Church, He has not surrendered his whole heart to God. The next months will be a time of decision. The Lord says He is calling the President to place of prayer, a place of surrender. If the President surrenders to God the world will know, it will be undeniable, but they will hate the President more.

The Church, the Lord’s Bride, will have their covering renewed in the Blood of Christ. Like a fresh baptism the saints of God will perform mighty works through their testimony and the Blood of the Lamb. Verified miracles will happen, some will turn to Christ, others will become enraged. The spiritual battle will be in the open, the way to victory is through the Blood of Christ.

A new schism is also coming to the Church. While undeniable miracles are occurring, the church will become divided, and a massive schism will have brother against brother. Shocking statements will come from Americas largest religious institutions deepening the divide.

In the middle of turmoil there is a fresh wave of salvation coming, some will have their eyes opened and have their past covered by the Blood of Christ. Preachers will begin preaching repentance, and forgiveness of sin that can only be found in Jesus’s sacrifice. Those who cling to a religious spirit will be offended, some spurred to a deeper relationship with Christ, others will mock.

What is sown will be reaped, the blood that the US has sown is coming back. The prayers of the saints, along with all the innocent blood that has been spilled, is going to be harvested at the same time.

The United States will not be recognizable in 18 months, pray, fast, prepare your heart.

Thank you,


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  1. Laura Villani

    Do you have your sermons recorded?
    Thank you

  2. T

    Twice I have received the message to look around and take it all in because by this time next year everything will change…nothing will be the same.

  3. Sheila Freund

    Your message is confirmation of and more detail of messages others had Reeceived

  4. Angela Georgantas

    The Holy Spirit was all over me when I read this on SQ’s site this morning, and He is here again with me now. I’m a high school teacher. Before I left for break, I used my new message board to write a note for my seniors to see when they got to school to start their second semester: “2019 The beginning of the end.” I thought it was a clever way to make them think about taking school seriously and buckling down instead of succumbing to “Senioritis,” but the more I think about it, I wonder if it might actually be prophetic.

  5. Pat Forrester

    I have heard so many words about the destruction of America, I ask the Lord what will happen to this nation. I had a vision of the flag blowing in the wind and then an eagle flew over the flag. I ask the Lord what He was showing me. I feel like He said He will restore us back to one nation under God. As I started to pray about us standing on the edge of glory, I was taken back by seeing Jesus hanging on the cross. And I spoke these words, As Jesus hung on the cross we were standing on the edge of glory, but it did not look like it, it looked like total defeat. And now as we stand again on the edge of glory we must be a people who know God’s ways are higher than our ways, we must be a people who trust our great God & Father loves us, and knows what He is doing. We will have victory, but many will die in the process. Psalm 103

  6. My focus fell on the paragraph about Trump: I would like very much to believe that Trump is a so called ‘friend of the church’! But how about all of the Word posts that indicate he is just the opposite? Did he not recently further establish abortion laws in this nation, contrary to his campaign promises? Is he not about to divide Israel & Jerusalem in exchange for his ’peace plan’? Is he not pulling our military out of the Middle East right now, in effect turning our backs on Israel, their only ally, to leave them standing alone against the world? Did we not read in a recent Word post that he voluntarily took the ‘DNA Enhancer’ pill, & in effect took ’the mark’? And was it not reported that the Lord said He cannot work in his life now, that he is so evil that only Obama is worse? Did not one Word post say that Trump reports to Obama? And another post that reported Trump is so self-centered that he is seeking world dominion, like some of the other leaders? I’m just curious, who do you think is telling the Truth here? rick

    • CH

      I very much agree with your comment regarding Trump. Before writing this, my Spirit said “tests the spirits” I believe we are called to discernment when reading these posts in the same way we listen to sermons. Not all are Shepard’s and in the final hours their will be lying and deceiving spirits; workers of iniquity.
      **NOTE In NO way am I pointing any one person or posts out. I am saying we all need to go before the Father when we read or hear any words placed on media.**
      God Bless!

      • My main directive here was to encourage Believers to discern for themselves, by comparing the Word we already know with the new info we’re seeing constantly. I believe the Lord used this post as a teaching lesson to all of us, to show us a good example of how many different ways we all see the same thing, & to show us how important it is to use our discernment already built in us by our familiarity with His Word & His Spirit. This post in particular speaks of many things we’ve already heard about, so we know it’s true that much ‘blood shed’ is coming, & that’s the cover story. Now notice how very sneaky it was for the enemy to smoothly slide that little bit of ‘questionable area’ into the post about Trump, who we really want to see succeed anyway? I think most of us have prayed at one point or another for his salvation? Don’t we already almost agree with ‘sneaky snake’ in this subject area anyway, wishing the best for our President? Yet, still the Truth is contrary to what we would like to hope for. Now we should be able to see how easy it is to be deceived, by this one example? The Lord is steadily preparing us for far more dangerous things coming. He has said before that He will send us spurious info to test us. God Bless. rick

  7. Jason yee

    Rick Joyner gave a recent word from God confirming what you are sharing.

  8. Arête Hurley

    I too had a dream / vision, reason I say vision. It was so real or not. Can’t tell. Remember everything. I heard the raging sound that awoke me! It was water rushing by my house the creeks were all wept up dreaming blood coming upon the banks everywhere and next a big truck pushing fresh water with hose. Very powerful. With back hoe & many men with complete suits & mask 😷 on they were cleaning the roads n. Creeks with new water 💦 high pressure hose. The ruby red blood was being washed away. But what was noticed by me was the residue of blood the smell was causing ppl to pass out as if dead. I didn’t know. I started running to get a mask. I knew I couldn’t breathe or I’d prolly die from what was coming. Was like a cleansing. A disease. And the fresh water was cleaning the blood up. Like it was a disease in the air. But I do rem the body’s on the ground. I was so afraid. A waken is coming like a cleansing of blood for us but only Thise with the pure heart will survive. That’s me thinking after dreaming this. The water cleaning up after. Tells me that. Pure crystal water 💧

  9. Jacob Weitzel

    Well this prophecy came to pass, Between COVID-19 and George Floyd Riots.

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